Bloodsprays need to be the death omen

You know exactly how many times I’ve seen a blood spray in this game where I never look straight down? You are correct, zero times!

The blood sprays should be what show up for the enemy when you kill them.

i.e. if I get killed by someone, when it shows the damage calculation, the middle shouldn’t be the omen it should be that person’s selected bloodspray. To me they are just pointless slots for rewards as nobody is taking the time to look straight down in this game.


Yeah hard pass on that don’t need the omen anymore obnoxious than it already is.


The screen is already getting covered in useless crap as it is.


It would be so much more distracting if I kept seeing a toilet or middle finger pop up on my screen, admittedly it would be funny the first few times though.

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Never noticed them ever. Shame the TOD is full of blood sprays and banners that get replaced with the next banner aka filler crap :+1:


You ever look at Gears 1 hud? You know whats on it?

Your gun. Thats it. That is all you need. It feels cluttered now. I hate it. Would go back go GOW 1 but nobody plays.

Gimi my Fliping Theron Guards back.

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I’d prefer that they remove banners and blood sprays since they’re pretty useless and are rarely seen at all…but hey I guess they need more “content” to flesh out their live service\tour of duty.


Ive never once noticed a blud spray

It would only affect you when you die.

At the very least, they should come up when you kill someone with your desired gun.

Then we’ll see blood sprays everywhere, lol.

I now have the hilarious thought of seeing the omen fill as normal, and when you die, a f*****g middle finger pops up, lol.

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I actually think this is a pretty good idea, if it doesn’t change until after you die. Would certainly make sprays more relevant than they are now.

These things shouldnt even be in gears. This is just to add items to the pool

I always thought they should do this. They missed an opportunity.

Just to clarify, OP isn’t talking about the damage omen. He’s talking about the kill screen that pops up for a couple of seconds after you die.

That’s what they should have turned into customizable content.

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Add a blood spray that has guts/brain matter scattered and mixed in with the blood I’d buy that

Right? Do other players see your banner any time besides when you’re MVP?

I don’t think that OP is suggesting the inverse omen be replaced by the blood sprays, rather that when you are actually fully dead you get the players blood spray filling your screen instead of the standard crimson omen. Either way I know for sure that I’ve never noticed someone’s blood spray on the ground, so I don’t mind this change.

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For real Theron guard is all I use to play the whole leather looking suit

I think the other way round: the death omen needs to be made into a blood spray.

Do you really want to see a Forza logo when you die in a Gears game?