Blood sprays in Gears 5; Are they bugged? What’s the point?

What exactly is the point of these? I don’t see the blood on the ground after i Kill the enemy. When I die, I don’t see my selected blood spray. When they die, I don’t see if they see my blood spray.

What the heck is the point of these. I have yet to see anyone’s blood spray. Great idea, but please tell me the point when you literally don’t see them.

Is this glitched or bugged?


Someone correct me if I’m wrong but they’re only supposed to show after you execute someone. Only problem is no one goes for executions since they generally take too long, makes me miss the curb stomp even more.

I believe you are correct about the execution.
It’s just more stuff to sell us.
With all the logos, possibly advertising space.

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I guess it makes sense but it’s such a weird addition that no one even really notices in game. I don’t think the blood splatters even last more than 5-10 seconds, would have made more sense to include them as a flag “spray” or something like that


Filler for the supply pool. Like styrofoam packing peanuts.


You can see a glimpse of it. If you spectate someone that executes the last guy in execution. Because the camera will almost be top down. (and the corpse will be laying on the BS)

They need to instead show the blood spatter on your opponents screen after you kill them. They’ll get a lot more attention then.

The community should push for this. I would actually enjoy getting them if this were the case.

They already have a bloody gears omen as the death. I don’t see this being difficult

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