Blood Sprays and banner rewards instead of skins rewards

When a player uses any skin (weapon or character), whether they are good or bad they get to see the skin they u locked at all times when they play with others. On the flip side bloodsprays only show after executing someone and I don’t know anyone who has said “look at that blood spray”. The execution yes but the bloodspray no. Banners only show when you are MVP and I’m sure many players have never seen their banner up.

I really don’t like that I’m negative a lot with this game but I really loved the franchise but when I see Winter Marcus in the store and the iconic curb stomp from gears 2 going to be in the shop it makes me hate this game alittle bit more. I don’t want anything for free but I rather not get filler items like blood sprays and banners which I never use and the store keeps getting the items worth playing for.

TC i have no problem with you guys selling skins and other cosmetics (ethically of course) but give us players who don’t want to pay something to play for

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I just wish I could scrap that “Free” stuff.


You’re right. When Rod said something about “far more content that GoW 4” (paraphrasing) I believe he was referring to the myriad banners, marks and blood sprays.

They’re okay. I don’t really care about them. Custom marks are nice but they’re no substitute for actual, rewarding content like character and weapon skins, scrap, or iron.

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