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Blood Moon Imago

(Chaotik Element) #1

The Blood Moon Imago is definitely the rarest skin in the game but as Gears 4 is nearing it’s end is it possible that the character can have a challenge for all people to bring into Gears 5?

Maybe he could be an exclusive pre-order bonus but instead of the red variant (to keep it rare) he is a darker colour like light black with white claw marks? Probably won’t happen but just a suggestion because of the rarity of the skin there is only about 20 or so i believe.

Edit: To further expand on some more ideas maybe it could be a beta exclusive like the gears 4 emblem was for beta players to get. Also there was more challenge characters other than RAAM to come so it would be a good opportunity to add this exclusive highly sought out skin.

Feel free to add in suggestions on how you feel about this.

(III EnVii III) #2

I don’t think it will happen, I offered TC $1,000 multiple times for it and they said they have no plans to offer it at the moment and it’s officially “in the vault”.

I do think we could see this in a Gears 5:

(todo ese jugo) #3

I would be down for a less rare but similar and equally cool imago skin to xfer to 5. I’m afraid it would be too much effort, sadly. I feel like TC will take the easy route and put out a couple more gilded variants then call it a day.


No. It wouldn’t be fair to @GearsCharacters

(III EnVii III) #5

He should have to get a tattoo again on his other leg to prove his loyalty or else :grimacing:


To prove that I am more loyal than he, I shall get an entire tattoo sleeve of the BMI

(III EnVii III) #7

Or to prove the ultimate loyalty, full body Swarm Imago!!


I’ll just be a grayish blue blob!

(Noble Guardian) #9

Put Uncle’s Sam hat on top of it and add: Black Steel Moon Imago chooses you :stuck_out_tongue:


(AliceInChainsaw) #10

Take that $1000 to the nearest tattoo shop.

You’ll get double the imago.

(ANDROIDguy) #11

one way to get it

(Chaotik Element) #12

and pay $300? i think not :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lambent Lucky) #13

I would rather see an Onyx Moon Imago or something rather than the Blood Moon.


I’d rather see someone get punched in the mouth for getting a tattoo of a blood moon imago just to get the skin in the game.

(Bleeding Pepper) #15

Bit harsh! I think you’ve been playing too many violent video games and listening to too much modern gangsta rap music.


Not at all my man. Don’t listen to rap much either.

(GearsCharacters) #17



How dare you. Rap is one of the best genres out there