Blood Moon Imago skin for FREE

So how exactly do we obtain this skin? Log in when the update comes out ? Or wait till the end of operation 1

I get it. But how can fans be level headed if the whole game has issues? Lots of people still bought the game and in it’s state, it wasn’t playable. That’s like me buying a car and having problems with it and not being able to use it. It needs to be fixed. They are slowly but surely fixing things although a lot of the problems should never have happened.


Just log on when TU2 releases next week.

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Game is in a much beter state atm already… but the lost players gave up


Read the link. It’s very self-explanatory.

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I did it was a little unclear

“All that is required is for players to log in between the deployment of Title Update 2 and the end of the current Operation.”

Bottom of paragraph 6.

Dates will presumably be confirmed nearer the time.


Basically you’ll have probably 3-4 weeks to log in and get the Imago. It will probably take place next week.

Remember when people grinded for all diamond 5s in all gears 4 playlists in hopes of getting the blood moon imago?


I agree that some fans are just really unreasonable and disproportionately hysterical with their reactions and feedback.

But having said that, it’s not a black-and-white situation where all feedback is like this. Some fans are proportionate and sensible with it.

I think it’s a symptom of the internet generation where everyone who has access to the internet can make their voices heard, and to be frank some people are just not very eloquent and are poor at conveying their views.

But as I mentioned, TC don’t make it easy for themselves either with their mis-steps and poor judgment with various things. GOW4 went through lots of changes as well, and by the end if was (in my opinion) an enjoyable experience. GOW4 should have been part of that learning experience for them but it didn’t really feel like they carried much of that across to GOW5.

At times it seemed like side-stepping a dog poo only to step off the curb and into oncoming traffic.


They’ll need to give more freebies, earned over time by playing, if they want people to come back. Game is improved. But playerbase is gone

Honestly tc is finally doing a good job. Lancer tuning is perfect to.


Fair play TC, credit where it is due. Nice one. :clap::+1::clap:


+1 good guy TC!!

Just to be clear, they are re-setting ranks today? Or next week when the TU 2 is dropped?

I’m glad they’re fixing the ranking system quickly, but a little annoyed that those of us who worked our butts off get nothing. The imago should have gone to masters and diamonds for their achievements, especially given that we had to endure the same ranking system problems as everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of getting to masters. It just feels wrong to not get anything for the grind and the fact that the reset actually is a negative for us, not a positive like it is for everyone else.

Now it’s just a participation trophy.

I’m also not saying that everyone else shouldn’t get anything btw.


Well they’re only doing it because everyone is gonna lose their rank and they’re trying to make up for it.

Yeah I know. Still, some good sh*t on their part imo.

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I think maybe, it’s just an old reused skin from 4. Granted it’s pretty dope but the fact that they’re precompensating for a problem that shouldn’t exist…