Blood Moon Imago skin for FREE


Das pretty cool.


Yeah it actually is pretty cool.


I take it now that they’re deluding the rarity of the Blood Moon Imago that there must be something even more elusive coming in the future? Sort of like how Recon means nothing in Halo nowadays.


No clue. I have asked a few times here and on Twitter if they plan on having a charity event or raffle for a super exclusive skin for like 10 people but to no avail, no answer.

So when does this go live, next Tuesday? Or is it up today?

Wonder what the next ‘exclusive’ character skin will be…?

Now that is a bad*ss move by TC that I can get behind. Kudos TC!


Just wait till someone complains.

“So I didn’t have to get a tattoo??”

It also seems like a way to make people playing Gears 4 who also want BMI, to play Gears 5 instead.


Haha, you have a point there!

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So… tattoo not required…?

What will they offer if someone got a tattoo?


I don’t know the exact date but between the deployment date and end of the season I believe.


A nod by Rod himself.

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Getting a sign of goodwill for the troubles we have all gone through is a very good step in the right direction. Getting the blood moon Imago will be very pleasant. Thank you for taking us seriously

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I would complain that soon we will be seeing nothing but blood moon Imago everywhere…But I would much rather see a bunch of them than a bunch of terminators.

Nice that they are beginning to show a generous side for players dealing with all the faults in the game.


Between the last stream, open communication, Lancer tuning, aim adhesion fix, Operation 2 around the corner, free Halloween content, and now this…

Gears 5 is on its way to making a huge turnaround.


I honestly don’t think that TC has a choice now but to listen to a lot of the complaints. I am sure they have noticed that not many people are buying things in the store because not many people are playing the game due to the issues. They are trying to get back their player base by any means necessary it seems.


That’s a bit of a grand statement! It’s definitely an improvement and step in the right direction. There’s still lots of things that need addressing too.

It’s just really frustrating that TC are having to fix so many things at all. As another fan mentioned in another thread, it feels like they spent ages adjusting and refining GOW4, then when it came to GOW5 decided to chuck alot of what they learned out of the window and released a half-cooked dogs dinner of a game.

Maybe in another 6 months the whole GOW5 experience will have improved and be much more enjoyable. But it may be that for alot of fans, it’s much too late.


I agree but at the same time I don’t think TC was ever NOT going to fully support this game and respond to feedback. They want to make a good game.

I just think everyone overreacted, as usual, but then again it probably led to a quicker response from them.

Just wish fans were a little more level headed.


I think by Operation 2, December, the game will be a in a very good place both update wise and content wise.

I’m personally already enjoying the game, but by then I think the vast majority will be too.