Blood moon imago ! Houston Tx!

Theirs going to be a blood moon lunar eclipse for a while over Houston would be cool to have the blood moon imago for Amarican servers !

They wont do that, the blood moon is back in the vault and will likely neer see the light of day again.

Also i’m not a fan of favoritism particularly region favoritism. If by some crazy miracle, TC does something like this, every region should play ws BM magp.

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Oh look at that, it’s happening all over the UK too:

Blood Moon Imago: UK Edition

And for that reason, it’s idea that will never happen because the point of the BMI is that it’s Über Rare.

To just give it out to everyone would eliminate that, unless it broke out of that Vault he was locked in …

Thought the blood moon was on the other side of the world? During the USA daytime? You say it’s gonna be seen from Houston?