Blood Moon Imago finally I get one

I did the tattoo and love it I love Gears Characters I love collecting characters,weapons skins & emblems. Can’t wait for the PC Gears game to be released
I have a big Hart to the Gears of War franchise.

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I think I’m happy for you, but not entirely sure what you are on about and the haters bit


I wanna see it (unless it’s on private areas).

This guy is crazy.

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Leg it took about 4hrs of pain

We want images, c’mon.

I tried it won’t let me says it does not recognize the picture

I’m dying right now.

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Use this:

I had similar issues uploading recently…

Wow…Not big on you dissing Tony or Pepper, but nice dude!!!

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The expression on my mind was CU-CO

I don’t know how to put a picture up because this website won’t let me

Wait a minute…it just hit me what you did…
You just got a permanent picture of a video game character engraved on your leg, just to show up a couple people on a website.

This thread will be so interesting, Bring some popcorn!
But congratulations man!


I can’t wait for Tony to get here


Dude… don’t say that. Now I feel like I’m responsible.

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No I had the idea from along time ago some guy got the seriously 4.0 tattoo on the back of his leg and he got the emblem in game for it so he’s the one that asked about the Blood Moon Imago and TC said yes and I started to think about me getting on my leg I love gears of war franchise


(Michael Jackson eating porcorn)

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One question… They already gave you the skin?

Before I did the Imago tattoo I ask TC to confirm if I can unlock him and TC said yes.After Jan 2nd and it’s confirmed by TC on Twitter yes TC replyed I’ll have it in my account

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