Blood Drive on Horde

What the hell has happened to this map on horde?? Enemies are spawning at the top of the stairs on both sides where base has been set up!! It’s impossible to do this map on insane. Such a mess!!

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You gotta place fabricator inside the room where horde starts or inside the big opposed corridor. (same way on the otherside of map.)

Back to game in months?

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Yup it’s pretty much broken map.

TC patched the exploit that allowed blocking of Boss from spawning which was commonly used in Blood Drive Speed Runs.
New spawns had been made for enemies.

Is really difficult right now, but not impossible if you are a veteran horde gear and know how to use each class at level 5 or max level.

Yesterday was the first time I won on BD after the nerf.
All randoms.
It’s pretty much ok if you know that enemies will spawn near you and you just need to be prepared for it. Didn’t die a single time. Also, I discovered that Enforcer with accuracy buff actually melting everyone from any distance xD
Smoothest soldier run I’ve ever had))

Bloodrive is the kinda map perfect for the a grenadier build also.

You can use them on the entrance of the first room, on the stairs, on the corridor. And be pretty much safe with cover boost.

It’s strange as its been like that for months.
We played it on Friday night doing juvie madness insane.
We set up on the opposite side of sqawn in the he big room and it worked fine

Didn’t TC say they were looking into fixing it?

Not sure what that would involve though. Perhaps if they just widen then no-spawn buffer zone created by the fabricator by about 10 in-game metres?