Blood Drive is broken for Horde

Well you have to kill them, even a Juvie is a dangerous threat on the higher levels so yeah, stay vigilant

Why wouldn’t they? don’t try the pios and moral argument because we are all guilty of exploiting some advantage, bug or whatever at some point.

Your logic is the same sort of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” mentality used by the people who complain about lancers in VS.

Talk about strawman. Never mention vs or morality.

TC’s answer to speedrunners is almost as hilarious as it is despicable

I didn’t mean to come across as crude in my first post, so forgive me for that please. However, I cant say im surprised that TC patched Blood Drive because of the speedrunners, so if all the other regular horde players complained, would TC change it back to the old ways? Nope. So we just have to accept it and play it a little bit differently.

I have no problems doin Blood Drive on inconceivable, we just have to stay in the dining room upstairs. Any maxed out sniper class would have no problems wiping out waves after waves because its more corralled up and faster to kill when they spawn in the boltok area. I would love it if TC didn’t patch it but they did and they wont take it back. What more can we do, you know?

It ruined the purpose of horde 3.0. The idea of setting up your base is not fun when you have to set it up in a certain area in order to avoid enemies spawning in random areas.

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You’re the one arguing from a moral standpoint though.

If I can do something easier why wouldn’t I?

The main title of this thread tells you why.

Sit back and accept it surely won’t solve the problem!

I think you’re starting to realise you haven’t got a leg to stand on. Cause that’s just jibberish.

Honestly do you really think TC would change it back to the way it was before? Honestly.

You swung full circle to prove my point.

That’s what I was thinking when you went off tangent with the whole moral arguement.

I never went off on a tangent. You were talking of exploitation and greed.

Those are areas of morality & ethics.

I was asking functionally, if I can do something, like say breathe water, why would I bother poping my head out the ocean to take a breath of air?

You wouldn’t becuse you breathe water not air?

Alright I’ll hope for an answer one more time and rephrase the question.

If Im running a session of horde on blood drive and I can stop the boss spawning, making it easier on me and the team.

Why wouldn’t I do that if it was preferable to letting the boss spawn?

Foresight. I could have exploited this bug, but I realized that if I did this TC was going to have to do something about it and we saw how they dealt with this probblem.

So you had the foresight to look into the future and see TC breaking almost completely, a map that previously worked absolutely fine…
Except in a handful of instances where players could glitch it, with a pretty damn complicated system of plants/forts, thereby shaving what 10 - 20 minutes off a horde match.

And you blame consumers for the bad patch?

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yeah pretty much.
In this case I blame both TC and the players. TC for the in game economy and the players for their greed.

We tried it a couple of times. The only way to win in that map now is to camp in a room with the fabricator and wait for the enemies to come to you which is pretty lame.

I go as far as pinning alot of the blame for that player greed on TC.

The In game economy may not be the worst I’ve seen, but the RNG for the boxes that economy is centred round sure is.
If that RNG drop was better and didn’t require obscene amounts of time to grind for enough currency to gaurentee you the cards you want, out of often limited timed packs, I doubt many players would have bothered using exploits to shave a few minutes off their sessions in the first place, maybe once just to have done it, maybe just once more to show a buddy.

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