Blood Drive is broken for Horde

Tried playing Hordemania and got the Blood Drive map.
While trying to set up upstairs; if the fabricator is not inside the initial spawn room enemies will spawn in there despite the fabricator being near by, but if the fabricator is inside the initial spawn room enemies will spawn in the opposite room (Boltok/Hammerburst spawn in MP) even if someone is standing in there, they will spawn right next to you.
This pretty much made the map unplayable since that has always been the best area to set up until recently. Enemies spawning next to you only a few feet away from the fabricator doesn’t happen on any other map. Had to quit every time we got that map.

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The fabricator has to be inside the spawn room, or in doorway.
Then all the enemies that spawn outside, should be killed off.
None of them will spawn inside the spawn room.
Even before the spawns changed, the enemies still spawned inside the Boltok/Hammerburst spawn room.
I’ve done the Map like over 10+ times now.
It’s certainly playable, just poor wording.

The only spot we didn’t place the fabricator in was inside the doorway to the main spawn room because it would get in the way if we needed to run inside. Placing it inside the spawn room would always make enemies spawn inside and outside and Boltok room.
The positioning of the fabricator is just too sensitive now than it used to be.

Is this your first time playing Blood Drive since it was patched?

From the last sentence, it suggested that they got Blood Drive several times but always quit out from them now.
I don’t know how else players would learn to beat this Map, if don’t try and stay in.

i played it twice in a row. as long as the fabricator is in the restaurant at the top, they’ll spawn on boltok, grenades and pretty much everywhere else except the fabricator room.

IMO the worst part is that the enemies spawn on the fking balcony just outside nades lol. They will literally spawn right beside you.

I know some people don’t like staying holed up in a room for 50 waves but that’s just how it is now. Block the door with the Fab, enemies will spawn closer by and it will go by faster killing them all off. Don’t like it, vote for another map or play on a lower difficulty.

You should thank the speed runners for ruining this map.

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Thank TC.
Simple fact is the map was bugged the second it was released. Only some people found the bugs that blocked spawns, etc, etc.
You can hate speed runs all you like.
But speed runners didn’t ruin blood drive.
TC did that with a bad patch, a sticking plaster over a crack in the reactor.
Although not all doom and gloom I hear they are looking into fixing it again :+1:


Blood Drive is still playable, I’ve beaten in many times. I’ve found when the wave starts just kill the two or three enemies that spawn at the top of the stairs, they rarely respawn again in the same wave. If they do just stay vigilant. The worst is when a Swarmack spawns right there on your base’s doorstep.

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Not only the boss, but SOME Scions, Guardians and others at the same time.

So to “stay vigilant” seems a bit too optimistic.


Coalition harmed the gameplay and you give us the old “my way or the highway”?

Setup fab in spawn. Plant nades in the boltok room. Use door and window as choke point. The changes actually made this made too easy but very boring.

Sniper would have a hayday killing all in one shot. If you explosive headshot a Scion near a boss, the boss takes extreme damage and dies. Done it twice and was very surprised!

You mean staying outside on stairs top?

Keep telling yourself that. Speed runners found about said bugs and exploited it for personal gain.

Not the player, but rather if the boss and a Scion/guardian etc spawned right on stairs in a cluster.

So the sniper should stick inside…

One of these days I stayed on the arcades room, it was violent!

But I kept downing all the time.

If fab is placed in line with the door but back a bit, you can use it as cover and aim to the boltok room. When they spawn, they are easy targets and you can wipe groups in one shot. Even easier if soldier uses shock grenades.