Blood drive easter egg?

I was playing on blood drive and i found this arcade machine you can interact with but when i hit it nothing happens. What gives? :v

They’ll probably fix it in OP 5 LOL

It’s a fun little interactible object that makes a noise when you interact with it. Been in Gears 4 too. It’s like the Trashball kicker machines that are(were?) on Lift and Rustlung in Gears 4 and if you interacted with those Cole(or rather, a recorded voicing coming from a speaker on it) said something Trashball related. Not sure if those are in Gears 5 as well.

Well i interacted with it and it didn’t even make a noise either it was dead silent. Probably bugged

The same on Checkout map with the fire alarm buttons : no result

I miss the dancing wretch


Slightly off topic an I’m sure it’s answered elsewhere but can anyone tell me which blood drive version we got?


G4 yes

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Is there an easter egg for deleting it off my game so it can’t be picked?

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I remember the first thrashball arcade interactable in Gears 2 on the map,Day One. Memories…