Blood drive anyone?

Used to be my favorite map but now I’m all Gridlock’d out after playing the crap out of it in every Gears game before this. I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t return for Gears 5.

Maybe they could do an ice age Gridlock


JESUS HOLY MARCUSBALLS I’ll take everything , every single map from any game of the franchise , even the crappiest of the crap , EVERY MAP



Please god no blood drive. Why not mansion. Or Raven down. Or where’s allfathers garden. That map was so good

Blood drive is basically a worse icebound


Haha, I know. But still, technically it’s not Gears 4.

Sorry to tell you, but your Father was never a a Jedi. :scream:

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Nah, would rather they remake something that’s never been remade or make new maps.


Blood Drive blows.

Omg that would be the worst map ever :laughing:

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Forget Blood Drive that map has been voted 90% of the time in Gears 4. I barely got to play any new maps in multiplayer, I rather see Jacinto make a comeback


You likely remember me telling you countless times how much I can’t stand Blood Drive. They better not bring that map back


The amount of hours i put into GOW2 vs. and subsequently Blood Drive probably equates to more hours than i’ve spent with my gf. I’m all for classic maps but not so early into a games cycle, give us something new and fresh.

That said, and being a massive hypocrite, i wouldn’t say no to Subway & Raven down. Fond memories of Gears 1 on those back when people used to chat in game.

I would like to see some more interactive environment maps ala avalanche, or maybe something set between a huge battle in the background and random mortar fire drops in every now and again. Ah, man, the more i think about this the more nostalgic i’m actually getting for blood drive hahaha

ahh man good shout, would love to see the gears 2 version, where parts are fenced off. Loved that map!

River man come on, this has NEVER returned.


Right… content is released way too slow.

They justify having a store to support free content like maps, new game modes, and also not divide the community. This i completely get but the content is extreamly slow and mininal at best.

New map drops and content of that nature are nowhere near what they should be considering the greedy in game store structure that is used to fund new maps. Not saying they didnt make an okay game but they really dont seem deticated to it either.

Just saying…

Uhhh i lost all hope for that so long ago. It would be awsone if they did though.

Hellz yesss

No. New maps.

Blood drive to campy anyway

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This sh^t again man lol

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All fathers garden

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Love it too, maybe just a slight texture tweak and it will be like new, but I would be concerned about how the g5 lancer could break this fan favourite with blood drive open courtyard

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