Blood drive anyone?

I don’t how everyone else feels, but I would love to see blood drive return in Gears 5. I love blood drive, it’s my favorite map in all of the Gears of War games.


Yay, another map ive been playing for too many years, too many god damn years in a row, too many god damn times…

But ya… gears 4 maps r overplayed. Nothing else right?


Yeah man where’s Blood Drive? I would love Blood Drive to make a comeback.

People may moan that it’s been done too many times but it’s a great map.


To be fair any maps at the moment is better than none. TC is dropping contents too slow. 3 months for one map and 5 characters(if you want to include the Kantus) that is ridiculous. They already have models of characters in campaign that they can easily add into Multiplayer.


We need uncommon maps


Not really… its trashball but with its worse trait dominating 2 sides of the maps entirety

If TC wanted hard work and to do labour… they wouldnt be game devs lol

Another Lancer heavy camp-fest?


I’ll take Jacinto, though.


No camp drive please.

I could understand why someone could want it for horde though.


Definetly like that map,on horde.:sunglasses:Without the bugs

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Nope. Any map that wasn’t in 4 that isn’t new would be alright. We need new maps though I’m done with the remakes unless it’s the ones I been seeing people ask for years. The ones that TC won’t make.

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A map that’s more camp and lancer heavy than Icebound, no thanks. It annoyed me they put that map in Gears 4, although i like how it looked, i can’t stand the map. I really hope TC don’t do this.


I must point out this is a Gears of War 2 map.
I’d like to see it back.

According to the developer’s stream last night, the Kantus technically isn’t in the game yet so there will be another update before it is added to the game files. I’m not sure what this means specifically - maybe that the Kantus skin isn’t complete yet? So I wouldn’t count the Kantus at all

I just hope it won’t just be the Kantus in January. It’ll be nice of there was a total of 4 new characters like they did at the midway point of Operation 1. Cole and Paduk, plus another Swarm/Locust like the Locust Grenadier?

Raven Down and Gridlock lol. Nothing like fast paced death arenas.

Blood Drive is one of my favorites so I would love it to return.


Yes another map to camp on. Perfect

Blood Driver returning I would be ok with. Before that though, I would like to see some maps we haven’t played in a long time such as River, Mansion, Mausoleum, Bullet Marsh.


Once, when I got really bored playing on Blood Drive, I built it in Minecraft.


Mansion is long overdue …


No kidding… While we’re at it, let’s bring back Gridlock and Drydock…