Blood Drive AGAIN?!? Ugh

Come on TC seriously. There are so many maps that have had only one iteration (I’m looking at a lot of maps from Gears 2 here) yet we get the same one we’ve been playing since 2008. The other maps coming out better blow us out of the water. Smh…


Welcome to the party


I only ask for weapon placement changes.

Everyone knew remakes were coming to a theater near you.

Don’t get too riled up. Impact, Fuel Station, and the rest are all coming back.

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I mean yes remakes are coming but let’s get something we haven’t played over the last 12 years. Let’s see a remake of a map that’s only been in the game once to twice. Gears 2 in particular had a lot of great maps. I always pick out AllFathers Garden from the bunch as it stands out the most to me. Excellent map in terms of layout, asthetics, and weapons.


Depths without the piano glitch.


Another perfect example of a map that I’d welcome into Gears 5. How about some Jacinto: Gears 2 layout with the Gears 3 asthetic.


Dana did say in op5 :unamused: that there is 1 legacy map that we haven’t had yet is coming.
Cant see it being mansion tho, idoubt that would be good for escalation😂

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When maps like River and Cove exist, but we instead get Blood Drive for the millionth time.


I had no idea there were people like us…those of us that love All Father’s Garden.

But yes overall they need different OG maps than what keeps coming back. I will say that one I think should keep coming back is gridlock and the only reason I say that is at this point it’s a Gears signature map; been in each game.


Yeah but F blood drive. I hope it’s not coming and it was just a picture. Rather have any other map. ANY.


Same, id even take impact from g4 over blood drive. Not that it’s an awful map, it’s just dude…bloodrive…the title of this thread.

There’s so much to choose from in g2. Pavilion, stasis, jacinto, nowhere, river, highway, under hill.


Man I feel you. I was all excited about the news actually and reading this road map. Just happy rank system is finally coming but dam blood drive left a bad taste in my mouth. Smh. It’s like that hood rat that roams around, you play it(hit it) but don’t let the homies see.

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Bring it on. Gridlock too. And every other Classic map too.

If maps created are as bad as Pahanu, i welcome the Classics. Blood Drive included.


Come on, it is a lancer map… OF COURSE it makes sense for it to come into G5!!!

Impact is basically just a poor man’s BloodDrive when you look at the layout and everything, that being said BloodDrive is definitely overrated.

The dude’s logic was “its popular thus it deserves a remake” well no duh its freaking popular its in every Gears game, that’s like if they were to remake Old Bones every game then act as though its popular… Correlation does not equal causation is what I’m saying here.


If you vote for that map I quit :joy: I’m tired of Gridlock especially when that is the only map you play in.

Oh no. I’m just saying if there was going to be a OG map that we have to constantly have, Gridlock would be the one.

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Wooooo blooddrive, now I have a reason to relaunch the game for the 1st time since Christmas…:disappointed:

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Blood drive with Bastions :unamused:

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I remember on the stream last night Dana was like “a lot of people complain about blood drive but it’s always to our calculations the most voted map in previous games in the map poll before a match” something like that.