Blood Blue Queen Reyna

This looks interesting when Queen Reyna changes to blue on the COG team.


Looks sick that :rofl:

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Vein Blue Queen Rayna


Looks Spawn inspired, shame it’ll go, I love my Blues.


She honestly looks creepier in blue :laughing:

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I’m sure Kait wished this was the case.

Too bad this wouldn’t be a skin design that’s very fitting of a COG character. At least, I don’t think it’d look very good on one.

Blue blood indeed, since Reyna is the daughter of the Locust Queen. :smirk:

If she actually had blue blood (unfortunately not, she chunks with red blood like other Locust and the scene in the campaign when paused shows red blood from the knife hit), that would probably be more to do with those tentacles she’s got going on, Octopuses have blue blood because of the hemocyanin (copper-based) rather than hemoglobin (iron-based) blood we have.
However, Queen Rayna and the Kraken both appear to also lack any kind of suckers on them so seemingly not tied to sea creatures, despite a similar look.

Would love to know more from Parasidian, but I expect the response will be “negative space”, maybe we’ll learn more in the next title hopefully.

It’s why I opted for Vein Blue, over Blood Blue/Blue Blood.


Maybe TC is working on a non team based mode where you could use any character on teams and this is a side effect that slipped :thinking:

That’s my guess

That was my first thought too, but it’s unlikely, TC already told me they don’t intend to put Swarm and CoG characters on the same team, unfortunately. :disappointed:

Love the colour,my man cave needs a makeover with new colour (just might have that colour)