Blocking doesn't work?

All they do is play engineer and sentry spam and abandon the team in the later waves. If they are not engineer and someone else has chosen the class they will go out of their way to hijack the fab and make sure no one can desposit or build what so ever and won’t stop until everyone quits. The guy or girl has a serious only I can play engineer problem. I honestly just dashboard anytime I see their name in the lobby. I blocked them a long time ago and never ran into them and the other night when it happened I was like who the hell is this and then it all came back to me the name the behavior because lets be honeslt you never forget a disgusting player. I get if you want to find out for yourself because I would be the same reading these types of posts but this player is just a cancer in horde. The only other way to put is the player is a horde troll because there is no way you reach a level like that and not understand the basics, the layout and classes or even why people quit on you.

@sancris777 Are you Xbox or PC? I am just not familiar with that message but I just block and go as I was under the assumption blocking a player would mean I would never see them again yet here we are lol

I usually mute some players in the game. Not because I don’t want to hear them, but instead it’s because it lets me know that I have played with this player before and I know they are nothing but bad rubbish. They will still have the mute symbol next to their name if you happen to be in the same lobby with them again by the way.


Ah thats clever. I will keep that in mind but most times I mute someone its because thay are playing music through their headset which I find to be rather off putting. Thats a good trick and will keep in mind.

I got the routine, but what I meant was “why do that”?

He spoils his own game.

Ah apologies. I have no idea why they do this. I can only guess they have some sort of engi god complex and believe the only way and the only one who is allowed to play that class is them or they are just a troll that enjoys ruining games.

Fair do’s then.
Doesn’t ring any bells though. Maybe I’ve never blocked anyone. My Unread Messages currently stand at “99+”.

This is great find but unfortunately it doesn’t work as many things in Microsoft fake empire.

Just found this guy on insane Boss Horde… Never made past wave 0.

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I got matched with them on Insane (made a mistake and did not realise it until I was in the game and judging by their behaviour they have never finish 50 waves of insane horde so are locked out of inconceivable for now) and the behaviour has not changed one bit. I ran into the same again on boss rush and dashboarded it right away. Horrible player and should be banned from this game. This is a case for why blocking should work and, like I said before, will be happy to provide the proof of why.

omg that is the person that held the fabricator against the wall on the second last wave and made us lose, this was months ago but I remember their name luckily I havent seen them again. It was on the Fuel Depot one and it was insane he was a soldier I really think it was them >_<

Did you record it?

If so, pass on to an adm.

Not of the most recent one no. I am sure I have a good few of gameplay before and will happily send them along as well as so many others lol.