Blocking doesn't work?

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I mostly play public horde Inconceivable and have noticed a player I blocked long ago appear in the lobby as well others players. I blocked them because they are someone who would ruin everyones game because it is not going the way they wanted. 1 would spend all of the power on weapons and quit and the other is someone who always plays engineer and if someone else has chosen the class they will hijack the fab until every quits even though they joined the pregame lobby as a soldier or scout. Another was a scout who go out of their way to make sure a sniper is useless because they don’t want to go long range for collection.

Has the player base dwindled so much that I now have to be paired with these people or do I have to block them again and again because their gameplay has not changed one bit and the only reason I post this is becuase they keep showing up doing the same thing and it seems all I did was suspend these players from my game.

Sadly, blocking only works for communication.


Well that sucks. I noticed them in the lobby and judging from their levels they have been playing more than I have but their behavior has not changed one bit. I blocked them a long time ago and ever since then I never ran into them again until now. I just naturally assumed blocking means I would never run into said player again. None the less thanks for clearing that up.

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I used to block every teabagger, troller, etc. Only to have them reappear. That’s when I found out about the limitations of blocking.
Now, I just go out of my way to exact revenge on them, which makes me part of the problem too. Their app is broken on PC so someone can go on a racist rant and I can’t even report them because the app doesn’t work. Being an adult that plays games is frustrating because everything is built to the lowest standards since they know kids will tolerate whatever garbage they are given.


I honestly never seen the need for it. Sure these guys or gals wrecked the game and possibly many games but I wouldn’t send them hatefull messages even though I want to and mean really want to lol but in VS I will go out my way to kill them lol. I suppose its the give someone a mask and then you see them for what they really are scenario. I am just dashboarding it now everyone time I even see on of them in the lobby. I wish blocking would work like I thought it did.

Xbox Live says “you will not be matched up with this player online” if you block someone but apparently Gears is allowed to blatantly break this rule for…some reason…

Imagine if you just blocked all the people who were destroying you in ranked lol. Would be broken af

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Still it should be our decisions considering Xbox says it is

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I never communicate with them in messages. I’ll hunt them and make that match a miserable one for them (few can incite lancer rage as well as I can), I might even mockingly lecture them about the perils of tbagging after the match, but I am not into the whole message war thing. I have friends who are but I don’t get it…

If a teammate is idling, I will say something though. That annoys the hell out of me that there are 4 other people putting in a lot of effort while one guy hides in a corner. How these people make it to the Onyx ranks is beyond me. Maybe a friend is carrying them but who would be friends with someone like that?

There is no point in anyone sending messages, as in hatefull ones, in VS unless its to AFK players like you said. I was playing some VS in a friendly the other night and someones friend start mouthing off and tea bagged a few players (took it way too seriously) so we lancer trapped him because it was what he deserved and honestly he was a skilled player but his behavior was unacceptable. We are all for having the laugh and having a joke but it got out of hand on his part so we brought the lancer down lol. I would not play with anyone who goes AFK or sends messages or is just a straight up bad sport and wouldn’t want to play or against someone who just carries players to their ranks.

@API If microsoft wanted to see footage and an explanation as to why I blocked these players then they can have if it stops people from abusing the power like you pointed out lol

Like @sancris777 said it is our choice and alot of players I have blocked on this game, apart from reasons pointed out the OP, was because of just down right disgusting messages and I never want to be paired with them ever again.


Jose Pepito?

Oh yeah. I am just dashboarding anytime I see that name show up. Even when they get to play engineer its just sentries and then quits long before we get close to 50 waves. Hijacking the fab drives me up the walls. Has to be one of the worst, if not the worst, players I have ever come across.

Lol I’ve seen that name a few times. One of the worst players I’ve played with. I trolled him once by destroying his sentries using incendiary grenades because he kept building too many (yes, there is a glitch for that). I even killed him with the incendiary grenades and left afterwards because I had enough of his sentry spam. The other players left as well.

I saw that name a few times on public.

Seemed an engineer freak, as he always went for that class. Even if there already was one.

Can’t say how he plays, as that THING never stood in game (usually a wave 1 quitter).

His profile was always avoid me or needs work, not sure which. Of course, I always “evaluated” him accordingly.

I just blocked someone mid-game because they were tea bagging every time they killed me and even knowing i blocked them i still got a “jajajaja” private message after the match…smh…

Now that is just wrong

…to give me so much temptation!

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Are you sure? I’ve linked to the XBL Web Page in the past because people think blocking does what you are saying but I’ve never read it saying that.

That’s what it says when you click on “block” while in-game


If ever you are going to trust me on anything then the time is now. Do not even allow this person in a lobby no matter the cost. It is nothing more than a absolute waste of time. If you see them take another class then expect the fab to be hijacked because they couldn’t play engineeer. Avoid at all costs is my fact on this player. It will be nothing more than sentries and will abandon the team in the later waves. Dashboard or quit when you enter the map but avoid at all times.

Makes me wonder. What’s the deal with this guy?