Blessing in disguise moments in horde

What are some blessing in disguise moments in horde you’ve witnessed or experienced? These are actions or events that are suppose to harm you, but rather benefit you in some ways as well and might just save your run. I will list some that I know. Feel free to add.

-Drone struggle sequence
• There’s that single elite drone that’s picking your team apart. If you peek you could be next, ending your run. Except when he bails you and your team out by trying to execute as you stab him in the head saying “Thank you my lost friend”.

-Snatcher taking you
• We all love instagib from the Matriarch and Carrier from being blocked and entrapped in an inescapable position. Or how about being blown away by the Kestrel’s or Swarmak’s last missile that knows you’re hiding under your bed and seems to always find you. Well good news about the Snatcher is that it’s a bit more forgiven as after it knocks you and absorbs you, being shot at usually releases you with no death. Better it catch you while you’re down than the maraud of juvies/leeches.

-Downed while cloaked
• Although there are some moments where players are unfortunately killed during cloak. Most of the time it can save you from instant executions from enemies and buys time for teammates to get you. Although embarrassing, it might just keep you on the battlefield.

-Being killed and revived
•What? Aren’t we trying to avoid being killed here. Although, true, being revived can help replenish ammo. Maybe lockers we’re destroyed and ammo is scarce. That extra ammo you get from the revive might just be enough to save your run versus not having any at all.

-Defective Bastions
• You know, the ones that dont shield the Scion or Warden wreaking havoc at your base while they hide behind walls. Yea, let them simply roam from one side of the map to ours and explode in peace.

-Heavy DB’s self destruction
• It speaks for itself. It’s self destruction can save a lot of problems. Although it can damage us, I rather it running at me trying to melee than practicing rocket science at my expense.

-Jack’s zapper
• Sure it isn’t really a high DPS weapon and puts Jack at risk of being downed, but also provide intangible benefits. Teammates sea more damage attacking enemies you shock and can stun aggressive enemies threatening the life of a teammate in crisis. It also can distract Matriarch’s to a degree which can help her become more passive. I think the zapper is a blessing although it isn’t a wrecking ball.