Bless Jim F***ing Sterling Son and this absolute mess of a unlock system

Like really. I love Gears but God damn is this progression system like the absolute worst out of the series. I do not like this game’s Escape or Horde iteration. I just don’t. Loved Horde in previous installments but I cannot find joy in this iteration. So I like Gears but this iteration literally does not like rewarding me for playing the game how I want to play with its random challenges and the rewards are spread across the various modes where 2 out of 3 I find an absolute chore. Also I have my problems with the versus mode. Still like it overall but the things I dislike keep me from binging it like I have done with every Gears of War in the past.

I think I’m just ok not giving the game the time of day if it doesn’t respect mine. Disco Elysium is fun, Outer Worlds is coming out and Borderlands 3 still has a half the month left of their anniversary event.


Considering how anti microtransactions he (rightly) is, I was surprised that this aspect of Gears 4 managed to fly under the radar with him & other games journalists.

Glad to see that he’s shining a spotlight on the shadier aspects of Gears this time around.


That might be because Gears’ system didn’t stand out in any particular way.

Overwatch - though not the first - popularized the idea, Call of Duty used them in conjunction with increasingly pricey tiers of Season Passes and “Deluxe Editions,” Shadow of War used them in-spite of the fact that it was exclusively a single-player experience, and there’s of course Battlefront 2…

Gears 4’s system was pretty standard in that regard and no more excessive than what anyone else was doing.

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Love JS and it is great he now is producing video’s on Gears and it’s awful money hungry systems. Alas it will make no difference I feel.


What the other guy said. Gears 4’s lootboxes were just another AAA game with lootboxes in a series he doesn’t hold dearly. Acknowledges but it’s not like its a favorite of his. Gears 4’s system in some aspects I will point at felt worst than other games but Gears 4 for a lot of people just came and went. It was more Gears for the new console. Gears 5 on the other hand has received quite a bit of praise along with this convoluted of a unlock system.

In retrospect gears 4’s lootboxes were much better than tour of duty. Suren lootboxes are bad, bud you could buy a few packs after playing a few matches. And if you didnt get the things you wanted you could just scrap and buy your stuff with scrap.

And to be real we all have 1 or 2 favorite characters so it didnt take long for us to collect the ones we liked.

In gow 5 im not even gonna attempt to get cog gear or Raam because it is too much of a grind. I have even stopped playing gears 5 and gone back to gow 4. I am having way more fun there

I was expecting @WD_Hawkeye to have made this thread.

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Jim never would’ve said it had I not made my thread the other day

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With how hard xbox is pushing Game Pass…they will be doing a lot more of this. It’s too bad they gutted their flagship title.

A tedious grind which isn’t even guaranteed to save after 2 hour+ 50 waves of horde mind you.

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