Bleed damage - does it stack?

Just wondering as Kait and JD both have Bleed cards

JD has Razor Hail: (Explosive hits cause bleeding for 20 percent of damage) and Kait has Laceration (Shotgun damage causes bleeding for 30 percent of damage)

Do they stack ? Ie JD hits a Boss with Razor Hail and therefore its bleeding at 20% of his initial damage, so if Kait now hits it with say an Overkill, does her Laceration stack JDs damage ie is it 50 % of JDs initial damage ? or is it only 20% of JD’s damage and 50 % of Kates Overkill Initial damage

The bleed damage stacks. Otherwise you wouldn’t get nearly as much damage done with the stupid Lancer grenades as JD, or kill bosses nearly as quickly. Same goes for Kait. Stacks up, and seems to go infinitely. Does a ton of damage over time.

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