Blademaster question

Maybe a silly question but I haven’t tested it yet.

Anyone knows if Blademaster gets healing near bleeding enemies that are caused by other players?

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Pretty sure it does. This definitely used to be the case anyway back in Op 2-3. I’ve not paid attention to it recently though.

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Hmmm, I’m definitely going to test it.
That means in Horde two Blademasters near taps will be indestructible.


To me, I don’t realize if there’s infiltrator or Tactician or Demolition or Gunner, the HP of Enemies aren’t that high and you seldom follow your Teammates, which you choose to defend one side being alone, so it’s hard to know if it works

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Definitely the case, I remember that sometimes outside of venom if I was standing next to an enemy somebody else was bleeding, I would be taking less damage than usual.

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TOTH works near any bleeding enemy no matter who causes the bleeding.


The other Day i was playing Escape and we we’re 2 Blademasters and i was under the impression that the Passive is broken and if 1 Blademaster get’s a Meele/Bleed Kill BOTH receive 50% of HP-Healing,

DISCLAIMER: I still not had a Chance to really Test and confirm it tho.

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Wow that sounds super busted. I’ll try this out and get back to you. It does make sense that something like that would happen since weird things happened with the 3 Clayton glitch in OP4.

Edit : tried this. Had my friend shoot me in escape until I had no health and then had them melee kill an enemy and only they got health from the passive. Both blademasters.