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Great… more blademaster talk :unamused:

The only caveat there is the game not pulling stupid BS on those other four players.

Though some cases are genuinely such bad teams that one player is literally the pillar holding up the building(or mountain, whichever analogy you want here). Which then begs the question why those players even think they should be playing Master. Not like it’s required for daily rewards and the card chances and other payouts really aren’t that much better than Incon.

I still have the spike pit warmed up from your Kasumi slander. Don’t push it.

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I’ve personally got mixed feelings to be honest. On one hand it’s obviously frustrating when team mates die and are in difficult to reach positions to collect COG tags to revive them.

However the main thing for me - is that if a Blademaster is trying to play the class as it’s designed, then that’s a plus. Players all gotta start somewhere and part of the process of learning is to practice, fail, pick yourself up again and keep trying while you improve.

And this applies to all classes. I really hate it when players don’t play classes in an optimal way. For example if a Blademaster picked up a Trishot and sat back shooting things from the base. Or an Infiltrator using rifles from midrange. Or a Brawler using a Longshot from long-range.

A Blademaster using a Claw is maybe just about tolerable for me purely because at least there is a skill card which buffs it (even if it’s basically the weakest way to optimise the Blademaster). I’d ideally want to be seeing melee classes out there fighting at close range. I wouldn’t expect all melee classes to be out in the middle of the map. If a player isn’t confident and wants to work around the edge of the base then that’s cool too.

But what I find intolerable (basically worthy of kicking them from the game) are players who make no attempt to play the class in a remotely optimal way and are there just for the ride to get XP, CXP, skill cards, achievement hunting etc. It’s pretty disrespectful to the host to be dead weight like this. While alot of classes have a fairly clear consensus as to what is the strongest build, I also accept that some classes are more versatile than others, and with a range of cards to choose from some people may build their classes a bit differently.

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I dont want to hear it, you questioned Doms survival.

Better than football talk

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I’ve made quite the impression on you clearly :slight_smile:

I know exactly what you mean.

I’ve always asked myself this. The players that complain about certain enemy combos in the past were too hard and they wanted them taken out of the game, why didn’t they just lower their difficulty instead of ruining the fun for the people who like those enemy combos?

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I’m guessing you mean that time where the boss spawns bugged and came up with some crazy combinations. The only one of those I found over the top was the Kestrel on DB waves spawning with a Stump/Sentinel while the game was throwing DB Heavies, Guardians, Mulchers, Boomshots and Wardens at you as well.

But it always comes down to the same thing. People don’t like being told, or admitting, that they’re bad.

At least I don’t live in denial about something fairly obvious.


I sleep comfortable at night thank you very much.

Have I mentioned my game about a week ago when Infil in my lobby was using Torque Bow the whole game?

It was on Bunker and on wave 12 we got Wakaatu that took about 199 years to kill. Between CM ( me), Jack, Marksman, Nomad and Infil only Marksman and I were dealing damage. Nomad died at the beginning of the final wave and his tags glitched.
Infil was doing next to no damage with the TB.

Sometimes it’s all about using common sense when playing a class.
If I see a BM who on wave 1 starts buying sentries….
:leg: :hiking_boot:

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Yeah I think I read that post.

I think there’s different levels of crap-play, and this sort of thing is the absolute lowest and in my book it’s totally worthy of kicking them. Each class has skill cards which optimise certain weapons or approaches to play, and people should use them. There is literally no point in an Infiltrator using a Torque because there is nothing that buffs it.

I know some people aren’t good at, or don’t enjoy playing certain roles. I know some people who just aren’t good with sniping for example. But there’s other ways to grind skill cards and CXP. And there’s usually ways to play a role properly and in a way which contributes. I don’t expect people to be MVP all the time, but just try! I guess part of it is the grindiness of GOW5, so some players see it as a means to an end and want a free rid eso they can level up and get cards.

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Haven’t you forgotten that you can’t get the Seriously 5.0 achievement if you play on a difficulty lower than master? :nerd_face:

If they can’t arent good enough to play on master then they shouldn’t complain about it being hard.

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Which Perks do u invest first and how high the level should invest in a horde game for blade master ?

Bleed and damage resist - the order isn’t too important but once damage resist is level 5/6 just get bleed to level 10 then max damage res, followed by the speed boost, and health regen taking lowest priority.

My personal way of doing it is, at the start of a Frenzy, to put res to level 5, bleed to level 3 and either one level of speed boost, or keep the change to level the other two. On a 50 waver, start with a level into bleed and then level alternatively until damage res is level 6. I used to put the res perk to level 10 faster in prior operations, but the difference from level 6 to 10 really isn’t that high, like 1% per perk level iirc.

Melee Bleed; and Damage Resistance. I also like to get one upgrade of Movement Speed at some poi nt fairly early.

We all have slightly different preferences in what order etc.

For a 1-50 game, I personally get one upgrade of Melee Bleed; then get about 3-4 Damage Resistance before I get another Melee Bleed. For me, having Brawler and Blade Dancer cards give me enough power to kill smaller enemies (up to Drone-sized enemies) during the first 10 waves easily, so for me I try to keep Damage Resistance about 3-4 levels ahead of Melee Bleed (until it’s maxed out obviously). For the heavies like Scions, I just flashbang them and do the Gnasher-Reverse-Two-Piece (Gnasher shot, melee combo, and another Gnasher shot; repeat and rinse) and you can get enough damage in even with 1 or 2 Melee Bleed upgrades to kill them by the time the stun wears off. It’s really from wave 11 upwards that I find you need more bleed damage.

With Frenzy, after the 1st wave you should have enough to get 2 Melee Bleeds; and 5-6 Damage Resistance, and that’s the balance I tend to go for. I just prioritise Damage Resistance because of survivability and it gives me that extra room to manuevre in case I ■■■■ up.

Also as a side note, once you have these two up to a high level or maxed out, don’t neglect the Movement Speed and Health Regen ones too. They’re not as important as the first two, but are still very useful.

My personal preference - in Frenzy - after wave 1.

Damage Resistance to lvl 4 ( lvl 5 if there’s Even Tougher Enemies that deal 3x more damage)

Bleed to lvl 2

Health Regen lvl 2

If the mods are relatively easy then I perk up Damage Resistance to lvl 3 and the rest to Bleed.

Later in the waves ( wave 5 and on) I invest in Speed after my Bleed and Damage Resistance are at least lvl 6-7.

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