Blademaster Advice

Leveling up my blademaster and wondering if some experienced with the class could offer a little advice since the class has gotten much more popular the last few operations.

  1. Currently level 16, what cards do you recommend using until getting blade dancer and energy surge which seem like pretty obvious must haves.

  2. Breaker mace mechanics. So if it runs out of ammo does it break and disappear? What about going DBNO?

  3. Any general attack strategies would be helpful. I’m pretty decent with cover mechanics. Find myself using lots of cover and going in for a one two combo and then taking a couple steps back to avoid any melees before going back in. Is that also the best way to use the breaker mace?

  1. Leveling up until you get bladedancer and energy surge, id say a good setup would be
    Shock shield
    Shock Chain
    Short Range Deflect

  2. Breaker mace completely disappears when it break but all your deflect cards help with its health as well. You can slam through some high covers overlooking areas and you can slam through most low covers for safe bleed application

  3. My favorite method of attack as Lahni in horde is when im on the way to an enemy and i close the gap i shoot them with the gnasher to stagger them before i get to them. The gnasher is strong enough to stagger most drone type enemies. Melee comboing big enemies like scions then shooting them with the gnasher and repeating until their dead is a good way to deal with them in the early ways until you get maces to use regularly.

A little last note to add : boomshot scions seem to hate me more than anyone else in my game so be very aware of them. I usually try to take them out first but if I don’t see one it’ll catch me off gaurd and kill me. Boomshot scions spawn with every enemy set.

Also another note : do not use brutal claw. Please. No matter what people say that card isn’t worth bringing for high level games. Keep your gnasher the whole game, switch your claw for a mace when you can. Theres no need for brutal claw because the only enemy BM can’t kill is a kestrel and thats not BM’s job in the first place.


The Deflection cards aren’t bad for taking some extra damage but they will not save you from Booms and other nasty things so their usefulness is limited. But they still can be handy. I try to not be too aggressive and chill by the taps until a victim goes into a good place

Cyclopes have really high DPS so they can melt you fast unless you land a strike on them or can shoot them while they try to rev if they rev early and then move in for the hit.

Blade Dancer makes the Mace an extremely deadly weapon since you can one shot a lot of drones with it even after the health increases after a few stacks.

Whenever my mace gets really hurt, I swap off of it and use regular melee or grab an ammo box if possible. If I have ult and enough enemies are around, I will use it since I can get it back fast thanks to the high damage potential of this class.

Getting downed seems to reduce the mace’s capacity by 50 percent and if you have less than that, well the mace is gone.


Just know that you are not alone.


Most annoying part is when I jump over the cover while using my mace/melee. I had the same habit from brawler but that is fixed lol

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They sometimes shoot their boomshot completely at an angle out of their gun. The issue is they don’t say “firing” when they shoot sometimes, so sometimes ill be on my way to one they’ll just blast me and idk when they’re actually gonna shoot lol

I would also suggest to host your own game because random hosts have zero tolerance when it comes with perking up in horde.

In horde, it’s a must to perk up (for blademaster) in horde especially before wave 10 for blademaster, granted some classes don’t need to perk up and deposit rest to the fab but blademaster needs perking up.

Some (hosts) don’t even want blademasters in their lobby. So you might as well host your own game, unless you are playing with a team then it’s fine.

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I like to use mace and lancer with that ammo execution card.

Chaonsaw all tue easy swarm so theres mace ammo everywhere and swing around

If executing wasn’t so unsafe then this would actually be a super sick strategy to keep mace ammo.

Depending on the stage just waiting behind cover with a lancer works pretty well against flush type enemies

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Yeah flushers could help with this. This is why I like blademaster in horde so much, since the key parts of the BM build is in the perks you can do pretty much whatever you want with the cards since the class has so many.

Didn’t they remove that from Lv6 for some reason while Lv5 still gives you Mace-“ammo”?

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I have no idea. I havent used that card in such a long time. I read his suggestion and thought it was pretty cool. It’d be a shame if that were true.

If level 20 on a character gave you a 6th card slot that execution ammo card would be kinda cool to run if it gave you mace ammo.

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Gnasher is to stagger them before i get to them and to deal a bit extra damage to get the bleed healing faster.

I dont really see the point of using the brutal claw when it is literally only useful for 1 single enemy in the game that has a decent chance of not even spawning.

You do bring up some fair points tho. In my melee only lobbies we usually just shoot the kestrel bc its not a particularly tough enemy to deal with.

Also. Kinda random but did you record that palace guard killing you with a mace in that Nexus game we played by any chance?

Be very mindful of “ghost melee”. Sometimes your hits won’t register or chain with each other.


I bet that is actually pretty good.

Although there is plenty build diversity for Lahni. I like to promote the absolute best build for Lahni. Brutal Claw is not part of that.

I tell people all the time play how they want, but this particular person was asking for advice/recommendations for blademaster and I gave him some of my opinions.

We had wardens on wave 4 and no one picked up the mace so on wave 5 when the palace guards spawned they picked the mace up. It one hits you if you dont have stim lol

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#1 cause of deaths even if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Also, I finally remembered to record the epileptic seizure Mace. God knows how and when this triggers. I noticed it a few times before after quickly switching back to it.


To add to what everyone else has said:

-Drones like to roll away from regular Mace (and Pipe) swings, which can mess up your rhythm. I typically prefer to just use normal knife melees on them instead and save the Mace for bigger stuff and crowds.

-Flashbang Grenades and even the Embar active stun help massively against problematic targets, most notably the aforementioned Boomshot Scions, as well as Cryos, and Mulchers. Stun them, then move in fast to deal massive damage. Just be weary of when they wake up or worse, you get duds and the stun effect bugs out and doesn’t work in the first place.

-Obviously watch for chainsaw enemies. The Lancer has a distinct sound to listen for. They prefer to shoot, and you can use that to your advantage if you rush them fast enough. The Talon you start with as Blademaster is fantastic for hipfiring them as you approach them, flinching them out the rev and easily allowing you to start meleeing them. Having a Lancer or Claw equipped yourself will save you and start a duel if they manage to get you, just be aware that it does not work mid-melee swing.

Speaking of Claw…

Come on man! You know I’m reading these! No matter what YOU say I’m still going to-wait…


Lol though Koty is right in a sense. When going full melee this card isn’t necessary and can be a hindrance if you rely on it too much. However for more passive players this can be a safe way to charge Ult before running in to chop everything up, although normal full-melee build Mace slams will charge super fast as well. While possible to hit Flyers with the Mace, the Claw card is still the easier route to do so, even if with less DPS.

Not going to lie, it blew my mind when I saw you doing this. It is funny, because I always grab the Gnasher in Escape to do the exact same thing, but never occured to me to do it in Horde, lol.

My preferred Horde Loadout for full melee.


Granted, in my opinion is best used as SUPPLEMENTAL to primarily using melee, not a replacement. I wouldn’t expect players to be shooting all game, definitely not.


I understand there’s gonna be people that live and die by the brutal claw card but I was just giving the guy some honest opinions.

Like i said earlier the only instance, for me, that brutal claw would be slightly useful was for a kestrel which is an enemy that has a chance to not even spawn.

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