Bladedancer card not in the loot pool?

Hello guys
I try to get atleast one Bladedancer card(Blademaster rank 19 unlock) to see that its in the lootpool.
No luck at all or its just not in the pool.Surge grinding,daily horde or escape,horde or whereever.
The other golden card is at 6 already but i never saw the bladedancer card drop even once.
Am i seriously unlucky? or is it not in the pool and i can stop grinding for it?
Gotanyone of you guys a drop of bladedancer?
Thank you for answers.

It should be dropping… but it currently appears as an Epic drop if you receive it in matches rather than as a gold drop. Which part is wrong, well, that’s up for debate.


Then the chance should be even higher… Idk its so weird that i never seen even one drop.

The chance would be lower.

Take Master for instance.
Legendary 10%
Epic 20%
Rare 40%
Common 30%

Blade Dancer is an Epic. That means Blademaster has 8 Epic skills. 1/8 chance of being Blade Dancer. 1/8 of 20% is 2.5% chance maybe.

The Ambush Legendary seems to be only Legendary in its own pool, so it’s effectively 10% chance.

I finished Blademaster’s all cards maxed Level 6 early today. Blade Dancer was maxed through gameplay without Gears Coins spent, and also maxed before Brutal Claw and Energy Surge which were also Level 5 at the time.

I would suggest doing Master Clock for best chance,