Blade master stim

Maybe I forgot or something changed

Didn’t blade master used to get stim on bleed kills?


In the past, the only thing that replenished health for the Blademaster/Lahni, was Thrill Of The Hunt.

Then the passive kill was added where they replenished some health from melee and bleed-kills caused by melee attacks. I can’t remember exactly when this was added. Maybe Op 4 or 5?

And the stim was added in Op 5 when she gained that card - Power Surge (or is it called Energy Surge) which kicks in when close to power taps.

Added at that point. Only became really useful against Juvie mobs in particular when TC fixed the broken melee res passive.

Well there is that card that gives you X amount of stim upon activating Lahnis ULT plus the already mention Tap stim but thats about it for stim when it comes to this class.

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Ooohh, yes, I totally forgot about that! I haven;t used that since Op 1.

Its completely pointless with thrill of the hunt . I would only use it if I wasn’t using thrill of the hunt but lets be honest im not that mad … or am I?

No it never did, not even once

Really, I still have that card equipped? I find it gives that extra push over the cliff for survival, when I realize I have ventured too far and have to activate the ult.

Such is the great aspect of building your own deck lol. I used to use it but with thrill of the hunt and shock chain Lahni is almost invincible with that many bleeding enemies around.

Must have been playing too much infiltrator and used to seeing a stim lol

Shockshield? One of the best Cards for Master Horde - Escape meh,
I don’t understand why this Card is so underrated it can be a outstanding “Panic-button” to save yourself from dyin combined with all other damage res. you’ll tank Booms to the Face in Wave 40+

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Oh it has its uses and honestly I wouldn’t take it away from anyone lol but it just doesn’t suit me. Thrill of the hunt decides whether I am staying up or going down lol.

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I would say Energy Surge or Shock Chain are more useful. Constant stim from taps(unless for whatever reason the skill decides to not work for a few seconds), or most of what could be shooting at you is stunned and won’t be shooting back at you from the chain lightning that also causes bleed on them. May also catch a flyer or two.

But to each their own. I only really used Shock Chain instead of Energy Surge once yesterday on the Gridlock daily because Regen in Cover completely breaks Energy Surge so that it doesn’t even give you Stim when you’re not in cover, and breaks the Thrill healing so much it doesn’t even heal you in cover. So I kinda wanted/needed enemies around to not be shooting at me.

Like I said the great aspect is building your own deck lol.

sure to each their own, i ust don’t use the Blademaster Ultimate (besides the first few waves or when my Breaker bursts) for Combat, And since the Meele is so broken nowadays i’m always using a Breakermace.