Black steel upgrade

Those of us that purchased those black steel skins should get them free . Especially with that stupid pack system you couldn’t even get who you wanted . The idiot I am spent money and got doubles of characters which were a waste . TC should give to us for free for stealing our money

So you:

  • made an educated choice based on personal preference (you liked how it looked, the value was labelled correctly, there were confirmation purchase boxes to ensure no mistake, correct charges were placed to the correct accounts)
  • you got the product you paid for delivered (you have access to it, can customise that skin and use it),
  • then you decided you didn’t like it and now want your money back.

But you still want the product?

Am I remotely correct?

Oh, @Tinybel99 Notice paragraph style dot points, I thought you may appreciate them.

I should point out that stealing under most definitions revolves around taking a thing from another without their consent with intent to deprive use or ownership of said thing from the rightful owner without lawful excuse or emergent reason. (Vs fraud being stealing with deception in very generic terms.)

Lt Triplex, I await your response with trepidation.


Kind of, What they are saying is that they bought the black steel packs in Gears 4 and got the skins, what they want now is for those skins to be free in Gears 5 because they bought them in 4.

The purpose of selling Black Steel skins (and other Esports skins) is to raise money for Gears Esports.

That’s why TC is selling them again at a lower price rather than giving them to players who already have them in GoW 4 for free.


I would say, unless the product specifically stated it would move between platforms or versions, that would be an unrealistic expectation.

The skins I buy in GOW5, I do not expect to own in 6. It is a different program (including engine) with unique (although I presume familiar) product range available instore.

When I play ESO on PC, I don’t expect my ESO+ or 8 years of play to be recognised in ESO Xbox,…and it isn’t, as it’s a separate service.

And they’re cheap anyway, I bought the blacksteel Anthony or Ben recently cause it looked cool. Was cheaper than a coffee.


Were eSport packs in GOW4 over-priced? Yes.

Are lootboxes featuring RNG elements, exploitative and feed off addictive behaviours akin to gambling? Yes.

Are lootboxes unethical? Arguably, very much so.

Should lootboxes be banned from games? I’d say so, yes definitely.

But does this mean they should compensate people who previously bought them? No.


I do!

I have a Masterchief skin in Minecraft. I should get it free in Fortnite.

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Get that word out of here

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“Arrest that man! Arrest him for being in Fortnite!”


I agree with all your points, but those randomized packs were flawed and I think fortnite for example had a lawsuit and had to refund those who purchased . For example black steel pack one had a chance of Reyna, Kait , Oscar black steel . I could have purchased and got none .
Now you pay for the specific character you want so obviously it’s just for this game . That was paying for a randomized draw which I could have gotten nothing or in my case a repeat skin . For THAT reason I say they should grandfather us .
If now I purchase a premium skin I don’t expect it because I purchase the specific bundle/character/content . Before it was random so I could drop $50 and still not end up with character I wanted .

I bought 5 Series 8 Packs specifically trying to get Black Steel Skorge, because I didn’t even have normal Skorge at the time… got 3 Myraahs and 2 Hoffmans, but never Skorge… so no I didn’t get my product I wanted.

I get what @BalloonMantis60 is saying about paying to support them… but also understand what OP was saying about how we blew so much money without even getting what we actually wanted… just thank god they done away with that horrible system.

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Yea I was SUPER lucky that I got Kait in the very 1st pack I ever got, but I also wanted Reyna and never got her… her and Skorge are the 2 I’m most salty about never getting.

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