Black steel this morning

This morning I checked the store to find a few BS characters for individual purchase, I had most of them but I picked up myrrah and locust sniper. However! When I first checked the store, Black steel armored kantus was available but I couldn’t purchase it without a code and now it’s unavaliable all together. I’m hoping they continue to refresh and add other supporter characters today as I missed armored kantus. Also just wanted to share with anyone that was unaware about there being black steel skins up. Happy holidays

They were probably put up early by accident, hence they were taken down again and they’ll be up again soon. Maybe even on Christmas Day.

That’s what I was thinking, savage BS kantus seemed to get put up so maybe there was a mix up in releases haha

Just checked at 04:30 (UK) there are some up, £8:50 odd each.

I think the OP was saying that the BS Armored Kantus was in the store. There are 13 BS skins in the store right now but none are Armored Kantus. They’ll probably release the other BS skins from eSports Supporter 1-10 over the next few days.

Mathematically I suspect it will happen over the next two days (so overall across three days including the day we had). There are 40 characters across Supporter 1-10 so if 13 are available on day one then we’ll get 13 and 14 on days two and three.

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