Black Steel Skins Drop November?

hi everyone, hope your doing well. i was just wondering what would be included in the bs skin drop soon and if the bs weapon skin set would return, drop your favorite bs skins in the replies ig?

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At first I was about to say the UIR female was the last Black Steel skin we’d see. As in, there wouldn’t be any additions to what we already have. Then I re-read the last TWIG and I see where your question comes from. Now I’m interested in what an “Essentials” drop would look like.

Is it just going to be additions to the roster on the Esports tab? Or something else?

The black pilled part of me is all, bah, there’s not going to be any more changes.

Then the white pilled part of me is all, but, but, Thanksgibbing!

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It’s just adding the Black Steel as a permanent store addition like they did with Chrome Steel


so no new bs characters?

Extremely doubtful.

It’s a bit confusing that article, I’d hope to see a few more black steels and not just ones that have been and gone returning

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You’d think that TC would bring a bunch more over from GOW4 since Myrrah was an actual copy/paste… maybe some don’t look right and Myrrah was the only one that worked when copying her into 5, but still… I think on some level, there were a lot more BS characters that could’ve been easily worked into 5.

So why didnt they include the bs weapon skins?! I was waiting this whole time for them to be added with the bs character skins! Like really TC, wtf?! Makes no sense!

Black Steel skins could only be earned by watching Gears Esports streams in a certain period of time. They won’t come back. As is the case with Black Steel Kait.


yes I know.