Black Steel Savage Kantus

Announced a minute ago on the stream courtesy of @TC_Shauny

More coming in the future and they will also carry a lower $$$tag.

This is something a lot of people requested (me included) for a long time, glad they listened and took action.


Finally, the Sponge Lord has returned.


join me in rubbing it to @grey_mineman face?

In at work. .is it in the shop?

Saw someone with it on.earlier in a match, but forgot to look…had to go to work.

Shauny said available for OP7 Drop 1, so Tuesday I think.

@Belkain bomber Op 7 is shaping up to be one of the best ops yet.

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If they focus on BS characters from now on, what does that mean for CS Dom?


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What an immense power move that would be. Release CS Dom for 10 bucks and BS SKantus next to it. Wish TC had the cochones to do it.


if they do, I can imagine them laughing cynically

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Did Shauny mention a normal Savage Kantus skin? I believe this is the first time they’ve released an Esports variant of a skin that doesn’t already exist within Gears 5.

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If that’s the case then can they bring back Black Steel Anthony since there is no chrome steel variant of him. He was my favorite Black steel cog alongside Black Steel Benjamin Carmine.

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Cochones? XD

I think I saw an image of him, Anya, and locust sniper, idk if they are showing all of them in the stream right now

Would we really have to go watch the stream just to get these? Can’t they just put it on the store? I don’t mind paying if that’s what they want.

Jokes on them, I would’ve paid $100 for it. In Gow3 I bought the regular one for $50 on ebay lmao.

Shauny said available for OP7 Drop 1, so Tuesday I think.

Op7 confirmed best Op in history.


They will be in the store, 3 dollars each i think

The Kantus will be. The other 3 were leaked and will be slowly dripped into the game. Remember; more content, more often.