Black Steel Queen Myrrah Neck

I noticed this has been posted before, but with much less detail.

So anyway, as we all know, Gears 5’s Black Steel Queen Myrrah was a clear port from Gears of War 4. So with it came Anya’s face instead of the horrible TC version of Myrrah we have in Gears 5. I never had any problem with this to be honest, it was a relief.

However, now TC have abruptly tried to rectify this and have put Gears 5’s Myrrah’s messed up face on the Black Steel model, but with the exception of a part of the armour…


Fix it.


Is JD secretly related to Myrrah!? :sweat_smile:

He wishes.

Was hoping to see some cleavage

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Well there’s none.

Not that I checked or anything.

Hands. Faces. neckwear.

It never ends.

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We are such a demanding community.


She looks like a weird grandma

She has a nice neck, perfect for snapping :smirk:

@RelaxingKoty The best kind, you mean.

@grey_mineman Good luck with that.

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