Black steel palace guard

I think it would stun the gears fans to log into gears 4 and see the black steel palace gaurd it would bring the coalition alot of love and respect for a character that was introduced into gears 4 turned into a black steel
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I’ve said this in at least 3 posts, a Black Steel Palace Guard would be beautiful. In my opinion the latest pack was disappointing.

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If the recent couple of black steel characters are anything to go by, a Black Steel Palace Guard would lose all the gold armor that makes the character look amazing, and have hardly any cool red lights to make up for that. A definite downgrade.

Anyone get the Palace Guard yet?

no not me but ive been trying to get him

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I’d like to think based on the feedback they’ll resume adding more red lights. It’s also more a definite option for those that appreciate the gold, but have a passion for the Theron Guards and would like an alternative.

It took me 6 mega packs to get. He was in my sixth one, I was so happy and relieved​:joy::joy::joy:

sorry for those of you that prefer the normal palace guard i just think that maybe it would be a great idea but ill post another idea. overseer out-