Black Steel Mechanic Baird

Now that we have seen the arrival of Black Steel Classic Baird who would really like to see Black Steel Mechanic Baird? I mean we have the Black Steel variation of Cole (Black Steel Superstar Cole) so hopefully we will see the Black Steel variant of Mechanic Baird soon.

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Just gotta pray he will come in a future supporter pack. Dont think 11 will be the last one .

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If Normal Baird is a bad***
BS Mechanic Baird will be an Ultra bad***

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What about the bald Baird then? :stuck_out_tongue:


An old bad*** COG.

true true

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lil adam jr? lol

I’d say Adam Fenix Cosplay, Baird picked up his labcoat since he no longer uses it and fabricated into a new labcoat.

Adam left a parting gift by way of his data disc which has information how to be an Adam Fenix Cosplayer :smile:

i love it!!! this needs to be added to the lore!!! :+1::+1::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Im still waiting for black steel flame grenadier

Yes! Make this happen. Mechanic Baird with goggles down and blue lights everywhere on his little tools would be cool. Now I wanna see Black Steel Commando Dom and Black Steel Thrashball Cole Train

This has my vote. And bring back BS Classic Dom in the next pack too, pretty please.

Oh and BS D.B. Industries Baird too, just because of how weird it would look.

Black Steel every Baird! DO IT!!!

White Steel Baird… Imagine that lol.

I would actually spend money on that :slight_smile: I love mechanic Baird

We need more variants of The Baird. I mean Cole has Thrashball Cole and Superstar Cole while Baird just has Mechanic Baird. Any ideas for a second Baird? Maybe Jester Baird? (to highlight his humor?) Or how about a D.B. with Baird’s Face on a projection screen like Jinn in the campaign?

I want Gary Carmine and Skorge Black Steel

Black Steel Skorge has already been released through Esports Supporter Pack 8. Just got to wait until the pack returns.

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