Black steel griffin

When/if the support pack comes back, it wpuld be cool to see a cool design of black steel griffin in gears.


Yeah I have thought about this, hopefully we see a black steel Griffin.

That would be nice

Yes yes and yes…I’d spend a few dollars to get that BS Griffin

Next pack I’m calling it as i just can’t see them not doing it honestly

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Its not going to happen imo, if they didnt do Black steel RTJ, why are they going to do Black Steel Griffin?

I mean im sure there is some sort of contract between ICE T and TC in terms of revenue sharing or something preventing TC to make reskin variant.

But it would definitely be cool to see BS Griffin

Its just a matter of time before they make RTJ Black Steel and Griffen Black Steel. Also any money made off of the characters is not split between them irl because they sign contracts and such and are paid when they agree that their characters can be used for whatever TC decides to use them for. Also free publicity for them :slight_smile:

When the Aaron Griffin Black Steel character is released, it’ll be 29.99 plus tax. For the single character.


No. He’s annoying enough as it is.

I wish they go back to 5-Characters and have:

Palace Guard
Ben Carmine

Then have another:

Gary Carmine
Golden Hunter
Lambent Grenadier