Black steel Friday for gears of war 4 still on going next week?

Since I missed out last year Black Friday, due to working for the black steel characters for gears of war 4, is there gonna be a black steel Friday again? Starting next week? I need 3 black steel swarm characters left to complete my collection. Since the coalition is gonna do a playlist update for adding the flaming and midnight omen weapon skins in January 2020 I really hope they are gonna do the black steel characters hopefully! Cause I still enjoy gears of war 4.

I mean I hope so wasn’t around black Friday last year will definitely pick up a few characters if they do it again

I hope so too! Fingers crossed! What’s your favorite black steel? I liked the UIR and all the carmines as black steel. But the swarm side are a lot more cooler cause of the the red and black color combination. The only characters I’m missing is the locust drone, the swarm hunter, and general RAMM

Yeah I like the UIR hoping to finally pick up Sam and Anya not sure whether I want Renya tbh, I don’t play PvP much so probably won’t get any swarm characters