Black Steel Delta Squad + Carmines to transfer to Gears 5!

Hi fellow Gearheads,

after seeing the Gilded RAAM challenge reveal and learning that the character and weapon skins related to it will be transferable to Gears 5, I wanted to say that TC should really give a serious thought about letting us transfer Black Steel Delta Squad and Carmines from Gears 4 to Gears 5.

A lot of people spent A LOT of money on esport content and if we have to accept that it’s being left in the dust we should at least have the Black Steel OG team and Carmine bros in Gears 5 from the get go as a legacy reward, really it’s only fair IMO and I hope people will agree.

If so please let it be known and maybe we can get TC to actually do it and show us some gratitude for continued support we’ve shown to them through the years.

So the criteria to have these characters in Gears 5 would be:

*** you get Delta + Carmines (Clayton too) either if you had them in Gears 4 or if you’ve spent at least the game’s price (release date price, Standard Edition) on esport related items from the store**

Thank you for reading, let me know what you think!!


Leaning towards they won’t transfer over any BS characters. Even though it’s what, 4 skins or whatever, that’ll be a few thousand dollars lost. They will just release them again for money. I would be shocked if they even transfer ONE BS character out of all the ones they made.


I wonder if possibly other challenge characters can be transfered like ‘Ruby Scion’ or the emerald gear


Hmmmm, I can see those because they took so long to get and there are only a handful of them that required diamond/kills.

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Yeah they said they don’t plan on transferring other content (including Black Steel) but I hoped we could appeal to them to at least consider letting us have the Black Steel Delta + Carmines transfer, because it’s been practically confirmed that they’ll have something different in Gears 5 for esport supporter stuff, so this would be a great way to have some legacy rewards for those that invested extra money in Gears 4, I mean it is what it is, but still I really think they should think about this and hopefully change their mind.

Thanks for chiming in! :+1:


As much as I hope they would transfer all skins that we earned or paid for I highly doubt they’ll do it, the company is too greedy to be generous like that towards the community so expect them to be in loot crates again.

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I agree. It would be a nice gesture if players who have spent money on eSports packs got a little something as a thank you.

I don’t expect all Black Steel skins to be transferred across, but it would be nice if players got a few exclusive character skins.

I’ve mentioned before that it would be nice if there was a tiered reward system based on the number of eSports packs you’ve bought.

E.g.: If exclusive versions of JD, Marcus, Kait, Del and Fahz were created, then it could work like:

Del - for players who have bought 1-5 packs
Del and Fahz - for players who have bought 6-10 packs
Del, Fahz and JD - for players who have bought 11-15 packs

Etc etc etc.

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Much as I would love some to carry over and I specifically like Bleeding Pepper’s idea, it is highly unlikely. We always have them to play on 4 at least and it will be fun (hopefully!) to see what new designs they come up with.

As much as I do love me a character and weapon skin I’m more interested in the maps and campaign length and diversity. Oh and Horde being a lot better.

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Honestly that would work too if we can’t have what I suggested, I thought Delta Squad is a staple in Gears franchise (plus the Carmines) and it would be really something to have them transfer in next game as legacy unlocks, also I fully agree with @Duffman_GB as to characters are not all that’s important, all the stuff you mentioned is crucial, so thank you guys for your comments. :blush:

I strongly disagree with this system considering there’s also a good amount of people who got what they wanted after buying one box or two, making it to where they had to buy multiple boxes from an esports pack just to transfer over a BS character would be a huge slap to the face. I got BS Palace Guard on my first try and it would really anger me if I had to have bought multiple boxes just to get him in Gears 5.

That wasn’t what I was saying at all. My idea makes no reference to transferring any Black Steel skins across. It’s about giving players some exclusive variants of characters we know will be in GOW5 (hence my example using five characters who appeared in the GOW5 trailer).

I must say I expected more people to be in support of this, it’s cool, was a long shot of a long shot anyways. :crazy_face:

Appreciate the responses from you guys! :man_supervillain::man_superhero::superhero::ok_hand:

Don’t worry about the post count or anything. Most people here want most of their content to transfer over


Depends if TC has this data and how easy it is to analyse.

Remember - purchases go through Microsoft.

I’m not sure if TC can see how many packs someone has bought or what not on a large scale.

Maybe they can as it still goes through their game but then it goes to MS for the purchase itself.

The answer to this would need TCs confirmation.

All I want is my Queen Myraah and Day of the Dead Reyna.

I’d have thought that TC have some data on this. I mean, they track XP, credits etc, so its not a long shot that they also track the number of packs purchased and opened. Given that eSports packs are primarily purchased with money (I think only raffle and competition winners, or content creators get them for free) it should be possible for TC to comb through the data to work this out. MS probably deal with the financial transaction but once this has taken place I’d imagine that the process of packs and cards being transferred the player is purely done by TC.

I suppose the easiest way of looking at it is, normally credit purchases are purely a TC process. They take X credits from a player and accordingly gives them Y number of packs.

With money purchases, the financial transaction goes to MS who takes the money and essentially gives a green light to TC to give the player Y number of packs. So TC know when and how many packs to give out, So this must be based on some kind of data.

I’d be genuinely shocked if TC haven’t such data somewhere.


I don’t know exactly the way their sales department operates, regarding tracking of purchases made by gamertags (users) but I’d guess they do have that data, I believe if they really wanted they could reward certain number of people that fit the criteria proposed, like you suggested. The question would be are they willing.

I’d rather have the OG OG team not the BS versions of them and I’d rather have the real classic version of dom plus were the hell are all the V-day delta squad at


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They waitin in Gears 5 bro, trust me, I think they will be there along with the Golden Hunter :blue_heart:


That goes without saying, I am fairly certain default versions of Classic Delta Squad are guaranteed to be in Gears 5, hopefully as close to their original designs as possible, fully agree about V-Day models are a must too.

This thread is about recognizing people that spent money in support of Gears 4 esport scene, and the fact that we deserve a tiny bit of something special, so transferring Black Steel Delta Squad from 4 to 5 would be a phenomenal legacy reward IMO. :face_with_monocle:

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