Black steel characters for craftable

Am I the only one that thinks the black steel characters in the game should be made craftable now I’m not talking about every black steel I’m just talking about Kait,Jd,Del,Oscar,and Reyna . I just feel like with all the black steel characters in the game they could make these 5 craftable for the gears community.


Wont ever happen because its esports exclusive and all proceeds goes to the program or Microsoft.


i disagree. i paid 10$ to support it. pay the money and get the characters. crafting it takes value away from them


However I think if you get a character and scrap that character you should be able to craft it to get it back… It’s dumb that you can’t…


You mean chance to get a character, no? Even after real cash payment.


Never gonna happen. Won’t be fair to those who spent actual money on them. I wish it would though.

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ALL IS POSSIBLE : we have paid season pass, ultimate edition and preorder… And all exclusive skins are craftable now !

Only Beta Kate skin stay exclusive…

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Beta kait did became an accident craftable back when the carmine brothers become craftable (they also made the zombies craftable too)

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No. Not after so many people have spent money to get those. TC has to draw the line somewhere and there’s already a zillion free skins.

It is a line I will support. Not mad on blacksteel nor have I bought any because of RNG but if TC was to release them as craftable it would be an absolute disrespectful slap in the face to players who have bought them.

As for the OP. If you want your black steel characters then purchase them like everyone else has. Even if it is 1 character it is still wrong and to ask for them for scrap is disrespectful to other players who forked out the money to get them. Full disclosure there was a time I wanted this too but then I realized it is unfair and just wrong to ask for it to be free after so many paid for it.


pzz yo pienzo q co solo la keit y la reina pero q cuesten nose 4000 de chatarra estaria bien x q la mayoria de la comunidad preferira comprar los de la cgo coo Baird,dom,cole y marcus yo diria q solo pongan a esos dos personajes para craftear

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forums only support english…try using google translate

I don’t know anything about that, Zombie Anthony was in my inventory before that happened!!! :grimacing::upside_down_face::crazy_face:

If the black steel skins were craftable, they wouldn’t be as cool as they are because any dude with the scrap could make it. Nobody is special if everybody is special. What I mean by that in this is that the skin is only good because it isn’t craftable and most people don’t have or can’t get it.

Your absolutely right there, people who have paid good money for random black steel rolls are indeed “special”

So the skin is only good cause it isn’t craftable, it’s good cause not everyone with scrap can get it? Sorry but I fail to see how thats different from anyone with money can get it?? There’s nothing special or exclusive about something ANYONE can buy, not in the slightest, we all have scrap, we all have cash. Awarding skins based on these is far from special, special challenge skins etc I’d accept this argument but the idea of “this is cool cause I’ve bought it and many ppl havnt” means nothing

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It means everything. When I pick skins to craft once I get bored if my old ones, I pick one that I don’t see a lot of people using, but that I still like. Saying everyone can get it because they all have scrap and money is like saying that everyone is special. The skin loses it’s value is everyone has it. If everyone bought the Aarons Griffen skin, it wouldn’t be cool to have anymore because everyone else has it. If everyone is special, (special as in having a rare skin) then no one is special. That is why Black Steel characters are cool. Everyone wants them, but only a few can have them, and they would be just like any othe skin that any noob player with the scrap can get.

Also, I don’t mean that anyobe can buy it. If everyone can buy the pack and get the black steel characters, why doesn’t everyone have them? Because (don’t quote me on this) most people, like me, probably aren’t going to buy it even if they have the money. It’s not a question of can they, but a question of will they.