Black steel characters back to gears 5

With the recent news that the black steel characters return to gears 5 posted by @TC_Shauny A theory has emerged that I hope and is not true and it is that it is rumored that the characters that currently have a chrome steel variant and that previously in gears 4 had a black steel design will not return to gears 5
I sincerely hope that this theory is false since there is still nothing confirmed and just as we were excited to see the wild kantus black steel return, we would like characters like myrrah, Ben Carmine, Baird among others to have their black steel design from gears 4 back to gears 5. I know this all sounds very hasty because they just announced the return of the black steel to us but I hope that what I just mentioned are simply rumors and is false.

Time will tell… for now Shauny confirmed Savage Kantus, like you said… while Anya, Locust Sniper and uhhh one of the Carmines forgot which… was already leaked.

It was Anthony! :pensive:

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Good! My main COG since 2006 and the OG Carmine.


Your locust OG main since the original gears of war wouldn’t happen to be Theron Sentinel now would it?

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Mine changed every gears :joy:

In 1 it was Anthony, then in 2 it was Ben, Clay in 3, Gary and Commando Dom in 4, then Fahz and Lizzie in 5.

As for Locust? Shirtless Grenadier and Beast Rider all day :relieved:

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^ that sounded wrong near the end of the sentence :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh… :flushed:

Black Steel Golden Hunter would be the dream.

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If we get BS Sam I assume they will be using 5’s model (which is based of 3’s) , her face is far better. I would go as far as to say Sam in 4 is the worst sculpt of her. With UE and 3 being the best.

Funnily enough yes :joy: , alongside General RAAM, until the Queen. I still the Theron Elite from time to time.

Maybe you’ll get lucky this time round!

…but we both know you shouldn’t hold your breath!
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Haha fair enough. It’s always been Anthony for me. His death was nowhere near as silly as people make it out to be. Nobody knew of the Sniper.

Anyhoo, Gears 3 Commando Dom was great with the blue tint. Shame Gears 4 wasn’t quite the same.

Grenadier is such a classic, for when things are getting really sweaty :scream:

If it happens,

I’ll be shocked & happy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I mean, it’s a little funny tbh. I dont laugh at Minh or Tai dying though :pensive:

Gears 4s commando dom was the pre order version, the blue commando was the more accessible version.

Yep Grenadier is my sweat character :sunglasses: