Black Steel Characters and Season 1 Skins

I would love to see the black steel characters come back into action… It’d be nice to buy them again or at least season 1 lancer skins. i wasn’t playing at the time they were out so i’d like to get my hands on them now

There’s no reason for them not to be in the store and for naysayers who say Gears 4 is dead, Gears 5 could be a failure and everyone will flock back to 4 akin to Judgements failure and 3.

This wont happen. The only reason people flocked back to Gears 3 was because they changed the whole dynamic of MP in Judgment. Gears 5 should flesh out some of the problems that plague Gears 4.


Hmm… I doubt that. The nature of the problems with Judgment are very different to the problems relating to GOW4.

I always thought the issues with Judgment related to the mechanics and the actual game - choice of game modes, maps, lack of DBNO etc.

The issues relating to GOW4 are primarily relating to network connections, lag, servers and stuff. When the servers are smooth then the game plays pretty well.

Obviously this is just my opinion.


Yeah that’s true, however i don’t see how Gears 5 can be worse than 4 lol. If you have ever even tried playing gears 4 at night or certain times you would realize it is dead (Not even mentioning the PC Platform which is worse). Even if Gears 5 is a flop as you say it will be fresh and new with alot of different things to do, literally nobody will go back to gears 4 because everyone has already finished everything and at this point they are bored. As for the OP i would suggest you save your money for Gears 5 unless you really have alot of disposable income and have cash to burn.

I have to disagree. Being out of work the last few weeks my timing has been all over the place. I get into games in no more than 2 mins unless I play with @III_EnVii_III lol.