Black steel character wishlist?

What are some of the 5 characters you guys are waiting to have black steel variants or just come to the game in general?
For me it woulf have to be
5 Black steel Big Rig dizzy
4 Black steel Ben Carmine
3 Black Steel/Golden hunter
2 Black steel/Golden miner
1 Black steel mechanic Baird


What I’m more interested in is White Steel in Gears 5, surely that is the way to go ?



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Black steel onyx guard
Black steel ninja shepherd


Ben Carmine is sorta a given at this point & possibly Gary in the next pack

So if we exclude those two

BASE Kantus (because Literally every other kantus seems to get love except for this one)
Any Theron
Savage Elite or Savage Drone

And for cog I believe variants of lieutenant Del & JD, Commando Dom (even though I hate Dom in MP), & Mechanic Baird

I would say an RTJ Black steel pack would be awesome if it included remakes of the weapon skins cause I use Killer Mike a lot but I don’t see that happening & the Devs said they’d like it too but the RTJ promotion was just a one time thing

Characters like Civilian Ana, Merchant Dizzy, & Big Rig Dizzy I don’t believe should get a black steel variant in my own opinion because I feel like black steel is more armor camo and has a texture that would look really weird on these characters in particular due to their outfits mainly being armorless. If you look at Black Steel Oscar & Reyna you can kinda see what I’m talking about.

The black steel deebee is the same thing, no?

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BS COG Characters:
:fire: BS Mechanic Baird
-BS Big Rig Dizzy
-BS Dom Commando
-BS JD Recruit
-BS Del Recruit

BS Locust Characters:
-BS Theron Guard
-BS Ruby Scion
-BS Lambent Locust
:scream: BS Uzil Sraak
-BS Void Raam

Black steel miner and flame grenadier

I would love to see Black Steel RTJ set or black steel Male UIR. That would be nice to see.

What you all think if they made the Spectre Swarm Black steel?


Have a good day!

He was being sarcastic because those characters are also mainly black and it would be pointless to give them a black steel variant.

Wow it’s been a while since something went that far over my head



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I think if they were White Steel they would kind of look like angels or something. it might give off the wrong feel for the game

Troll, lol

Anyways, on topic, I’d love a savage locust bs… any one of them but grenedier elite would be fn awesome.

Also, id like to see B. Carmine

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B Carmine for sure. Gary Carmine. Reg Kantus. BS Big Rig Dizzy would be like BS Superstar Cole with barely any BS armor. Just black overalls…

You may be right, however I would suggest we “jumped that shark” with colour blast and semi-nude Oscar and nude Swarm :wink: