Black Steel Best New Characters - Fan Made


(Maru MDQ) #64

Amazing, wonderful, beautiful work! Keep it up =D

(Nova LyT) #65

Ngl I really wanna see;

Black Steel Commando Dom (classic)
Black Steel Mechanic Baird
Black Steel Benjamin Carmine
Black Steel Flame Grenadier
Black Steel Kantus
Black Steel Zombie Carmines
Black Steel Theron

As well as some of the stuff posted on here.

Amazing work, keep it up!
Hopefully the ideas go forward into new items for the game if not Gears 5!

(TheDeuterostome) #66

I want sraak!

(Yheik CG) #67

I <3 gary

(Nova LyT) #68

Hell to the yea!

(pCarmain gear) #69

I made this golden hunter to know what it would look like if he were included in the game
I hope they like it

Golden Hunter. Savage Theron... Anyone?!