Black Steel Best New Characters - Fan Made


(l Ar Ci l) #41

Cool designs hopefully the TC take note and bring something like that on the next eSport pack :ok_hand:

(Asurazu Rasu) #42

Also, what editing program did you use to design these, and can it be used to make weapon skins as well?

(pCarmain gear) #43

Yes, it can also be used to create Skins and other things, on my YouTube channel I made streams creating some of these characters.
On the channel you can see what program to use, it’s easier than it seems, it’s an Adobe program

(ShadoOwTricKz) #44

these look sick! id use the el-p forever

(III EnVii III) #45

TC should definitely be using you as inspiration for Characters and Skins :+1:

(pCarmain gear) #46

What I would like most would be to at least use one of my ideas, I do not need fame for it, nor money, but I would be very happy to know that it helps or collaborates with something for my favorite game <3

Thanks for all your support I’m glad the community likes my BS designs <3

(HayMaker304) #47

So did you design MasterChief?

(baconman886) #48

That black steel flame grenadier is killer. Keep up the good work.

(Cazerz247) #49

Am I the only one wanting black steel savage locusts?

(NUBinbound) #50

yes, in the entirety of this world of all the fans of gears you are the only living human being who wants a black steel savage drone/grenadier

(pCarmain gear) #51

Do not know what you’re talking about, can you show me?

(III EnVii III) #52

Sounds legit :rofl::raised_hands:

(HayMaker304) #53

It won’t allow me to load it. (Says something about “IS CLASS”)

Someone took the character from Halo named “masterchief” and turned him into a Gear.

Whoever did it even made weapon cards with MasterChief being a legendary card

(III EnVii III) #54

I wished that was real :sob:

(HayMaker304) #55

Can you screen shot it from the YouTube video and post it for him? I have them all screen shotted in my phone but it won’t allow me to post them. Full weapon sets and emblems and all.

As did I.


(III EnVii III) #57

Don’t think I can due to it not being real. Forum rules and all.

(HayMaker304) #58

(HayMaker304) #59

Got them posted finally lol

(pCarmain gear) #60

no i don’t did that, sorry </3

(Death Slice X) #63

i want buy all of them!!! way better the tc crap