Black Steel Best New Characters - Fan Made


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Hehehe Thanks (UuU)
I tried to stand out and make myself noticed for years with videos and works like this but I would think that my place is in the shadows.
On my facebook page you can find skins, maps and concepts of other characters, also on my YouTube channel you can see more works of mine including how I made these characters

but I’m from Mexico, maybe it’s difficult to understand my videos

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dude…your work is AWESOME…even if TC doesn’t notice your fine work your fellow Gears SURE DO…keep up the good work bro…

(Avenge Her) #23

I’ve been wanting a black steel variant of Outsider Kait for so long almost made me cry when I saw that concept, incredible

(HayMaker304) #24

So where you the guy who had posted Mastercheif as a COG soldier? Rumor was it came from Mexico and the rendering was done so well we all swore it was a TC design.

(Eevium) #25

These look amazing

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OMG literally every single one of these look much better than TC’s versions, even the Classic Baird and Classic Dom has more blue lights on them, it’s like TC ran out of LED lights when making Black Steel characters for the past 5 packs or so, hope in Gears 5 characters are more like this.

Amazing thread :sunglasses::+1:

(III EnVii III) #27

Completely agree, they became so bland without the lights.

(BraveHearts GG) #28

I also don’t understand why can’t TC update BS characters with time, like, they are premium content, paid with real money, so they could have 1 graphic designer doing the finesse work once characters are in the game, not solely working on this just doing a lift-up here and there, I’m sure this would be possible without them taking resources from Gears 5, and it would be giving people further incentive to buy these characters plus making the current owners very happy with their purchases getting improved over time.

Don’t know, little things like these would go a long way in showing TC cares about their players.

(III EnVii III) #29

Thats the problem,

I dont think TC cares that much.

Look how bad the BS Lambent are.

As well as the other skins and also the weapon skins have been hit and miss.

(Bleeding Pepper) #30

It’s perfectly possible for TC to make adjustments to existing character skins. I remember them making a small change to the hair animation of the Outer Wildlands Kait skin earlier this year. They just choose not to - it takes time and work I guess, and with the bulk of TC working on the upcoming Gears games they don’t see it as important.


these should have been the originals

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New BS out yet.ty

(III EnVii III) #34

Not yet - another 30 mins

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I seen they are having problems when logging I getting BOOMSHOOT Clucker and Emblem.Have you heard anything.ty

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I wish we had a BS Regular Kantus, he’s my favorite swarm character…

(Gnashty Damerch) #38

Your versions are way better than TC’s. Not sure why they did away with Emissive Black STeel characters. And some COG could use the under eye paint. Finally get to see the guy behind all the leaks the past 2 years haha

(NUBinbound) #39

my only complaint is outsider kait’s lights are more green than blue to me but other than that they look pretty great

(KING108) #40

some of these are really nice. but did the no name gears really need one? medic gear?