Black Steel Best New Characters - Fan Made

Hello, today I am here to share my creations

They are black steel characters that I and many people in the community would like to see in the game, the characters were selected and created by voting on facebook and youtube streams
The characters were made in order to entertain and collaborate with the community without intentions to deceive anyone

I hope you like it and can support me

I’m from Mexico <3
Followme on Youtube to see how i did this characters:
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This is an extra


Man these are fkn incredible. Sorry but these are waaaay better than TC’s skins.

Your version of Dom and Myrrah are way better for example. And obvs Ben Carmine, EL-P and Flame Grenadier are awesome too.

I hope they rip you off in the future :joy:


Incredible and beautiful work.
Is it possible to see a version of BS Mechanic Baird? Because if the normal Mechanic Baird really looks like a bad■■■ I can’t imagine a Black Steel version of him.
Regards from Cd. Juarez, Chih.


Those skins look great!!

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Not going to lie, those are cool. Especially Ben Carmine (regular), Merchant Navy Dizzy & Flame Grenadier.

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The Queen looks beautiful and I must have that Classic Commando Dom.

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Just take my money!! :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:


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Finally saw the person who made the leaks! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That BS Outsider Kait is incredible.
If only it was real…

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Holy moly these are mesmerizing

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Awesome job on these. Really amazing.

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Yes, I agree with some of your characters, but not the ones that are already black steel. No need to recreate a black steal character. Each character should have one black steel skin. (Now I have personally been waiting for black steel kantus, savage locust drone, elite savage locust drone, locust flame grenadier, Gary carmine, and a couple more.) but for the next pack … Esports Supporter Pack 13 should be the kantus, savage locust grenadier elite, savage logust drone, and last, flame grenadier.


No problem with re-interpreting existing skins, it’s interesting to see fan creativity. I think some of them look nicer than the originals, whilst some do not.

I especially like the re-interpretations of the more recent ones like the Armored Kantus. Since Supporter 9, TC have been quite lazy and the characters don’t feature as many affiliation lights on them which just doesn’t work in my opinion. This version of the Armored Kantus is what TC should have done.


I like how you bought back the face paint on some of the cog & redid ones like Skorge and the Lambent who didn’t really stick out before

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Guess we found the guy who made MasterChief lol.

Those characters look awesome!!!

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thanks for the advice, I’ll do it

Shocked there hasn’t been a fake video announcing these as “leaked” packs. :smile:


All these BS characters I did a year or more ago, I did it before the official character came out, that’s what the images did, I did not steal them or do them again

Sorry for the misunderstanding, on the other hand I did not select the characters, my followers voted to choose the characters

and thank you for your opinion, it is very valuable to me (UuU)

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TC should be consulting you for esports designs.


Especially when they are better than what TC came up with :laughing:

I really like that Armoured Kantus !!