Black Steel Anya

Anybody have any idea when she’s coming? Personally I’d love to see this one in game.

There’s something about her lips that make it look like she’s having a stroke or something.

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I’d like it too… but its a fan made skin. Its never going to come lol.

I’ve been waiting for the Hivebuster Anya skin… when is that going to come?

They’re having trouble smelting enough black steel™ for her gloves.



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Unfortunately I know but it would be great if it did. Rather this over black steel tbh. Damn fans having better skins.

@Mark36111 that was funny had to make it the solution. Well played.


@Mark36111 never misses,

Troll game on point, as always!

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Either next week or sometime in the next 6 1/2 weeks. Unless TC treats her like CS Dom, then you’re screwed.


Thanks man. Fingers crossed.

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Haha. Alright, Mark, I liked that one :+1: