Black Steel anya skin

Anyone else having trouble with the Black Steel anya skin, I have purchased it but still do not have it, ive ended up paying for it twice cos something went wrong, I know it’s available cos I’ve just played in a game with someone using the skin.

TC should just put a disclaimer: “You may not receive your skins immediately after paying for it”


I don’t mean to sound like I’m being mean-spirited or anything, but why in hell would you pay for something again after you didn’t receive it first time around?

It’s a known issue that sometimes store items don’t appear in your inventory immediately. Especially on days like this where the mid-operation drop is going live. Restart your console and/or be patient. But don’t mug yourself by throwing more money at them.


I agree, but in the world of statistics, there will always be people doing that, and they shouldn’t be blamed. If anything, TC should have had this fixed a long time ago. Just because “it works,” it shouldn’t be left like this.

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I feel sorry for people still having these issues and thank my lucky stars it doesn’t seem to hate me… granted I usually wait a day or 2 for the kinks to be worked out before I buy stuff, but I went ahead and got her today, one of the only times I bought something day 1, but had no problems thankfully.

Edit: only kink I had was that it charged me 2.99 instead of the GP 2.69… but I’m not sweating 30 cents.

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Its broken again my god I thought they fixed this consistent issue

why is the instant though to buy it again,

the Tax maybe?

I got it. Makes up for having to wait for S kantus

Nah it’s some kind of glitch, the other BS skins I got was only 2.69 cause I have GamePass, this time it was full price, but again it’s 30 cents so I’m not worried about it lol

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yeah its nothing crazy. i just know Microsoft has taxes on their DLC like skins an stuff for all their games through the Microsoft store

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They want to roll the slot machine

Why people buy skins at all is a mystery

Doesn’t change the gameplay in anyway

Skins is the only thing I’m interested in :eyes:

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honestly love good looking skins, its like looking at good art , it somehow is entertaining on top of playing a game.


I’m pretty sure it’s because black steel locust sniper was/is still in the store? Like I saw anya in the in game store last night but it wasn’t discounted on game pass because it wasn’t on the microsoft store in was just in the in game one.

It was a network error, had a error message saying something went wrong so I tried again and in the end it did work and I ended paying twice