Black Steel Alternative in Gears 5

So, if TC decides to do a different skin variant for their Esports packs in Gears 5, what element, color, material, would you like the characters to be?

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I think it will be the same characters but maybe different variants.

White Steel?

Carbon Fiber.



I think they will pick a new theme.

Probably first pack will be based around Gears 5s new characters :+1:


I was thinking maybe marble? Is it practical armor? No, but it sure as heck would look cool

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I know that, regardless of what the actual characters are, you just want them to have lots of LIGHTS! lol

Marble, Grantie, Sapphire all them minerals & gems.

Moon Dust Armour

Galactic Armour

Space Black Armour



don’t forget vitamins!

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Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

I like the idea of a White Steel or maybe along the lines of a “Negative” skin like Mr. Negative in Spider-Man (although they could drive my eyes crazy after a while.)


What about skins made of lights, with blacksteel details lol

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Interesting indeed… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve said this before but i think if it was white steel it would look too much like some angels walking around or something like it would give off the wrong impression I think

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White was already brought up in another thread

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Oh shoot. Was there another thread on this topic? I didn’t remember seeing one

customization was mentioned in a rumor a while back.

I imagine they’ll take the MTX thing further this time. think along the lines of skins you can apply to characters.

i.e; unlock then apply a gold skin texture to guns and characters.

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I’ll be all over the eSports packs in Gears 5 too

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Saiyan Armour.




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Skin colours, not that bothered BUT I say yet again:
Unique dialogue, even if it is a couple/few lines only.
Dynamic skins like in J.
ALL weapon skins to be dynamic
Dynamic emblems
…are you noticing a theme :wink:

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I think Dynamic Emblems would be ace!

But should always be a choice of Dynamic and Static ones :+1:

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Does there have to be Black Steel alternatives when there’s newer characters and armour pieces? Like:

Black Steel Fahz
Black Steel Kait (Gears 5 Armour)
Black Steel JD (Bald)
Black Steel Del (Gears 5 Armour)

It’s hard to think of alternatives because it may look worse than Black Steel. They could go with Onyx.

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White Steel is the natural alternative.

But they could do anything or keep Black Steel.

Yes there are new characters but they won’t be able to fill 14+ packs.

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