Black steel :) again

Good afternoon,
I have a question.
When be on sale black steel skins again?? Thanks! :wink:

Well Esports Supporter 13 should be back on Wednesday the 13th. That is, unless they announce a brand new Esports pack, as the next event location is being revealed then too.

i think the last tournament was the last major event for gears 4 i remember seeing that somewhere could just be a rumor but either way i think fight nights will still be a thing it’d make sense if that was the last one though since now TC has to focus on gears 5 if they want to keep to a 2019 release


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Nah, it’s just a rumour. Seen a few people like Jackal Tenebris talk about this next event being the last one. That, and one of the pros (Icy) said that they (TC) were announcing the major location on this week’s fight night.

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The eSports schedule indicates there’s one more event which will be in the US in “spring 2019”, so around April I guess?

If it’s April,

New eSports Packs come out about 2 months beforehand.

Would be a great time to have the population that the rank resets (should) bring, plus a new event being revealed and a new pack :raised_hands:

I just hope TC saved the best till last with the weapon skins skins if this is the final event although they could easily do another one in the Summer too.