Black steel 10 tomorrow (Probaly)

Just a reminder for all those who buy. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Well, if they are out, I’ll be making a video of 10 openings :+1:

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If you know leaks/rumors not allowed to be discussed then why post the thread? I mean its goijg to get locked anyway.

Did I say the characters names?


Most likely.

Dang I wanted one more shot at baird

Just curious how do we even know 10 is coming exactly tomorrow? Does a new pack release after X time or something?

I think it’s because there is a Fight Night tomorrow and since Pack 9 was for New Orleans and is now over, could be a chance at a new pack.

I still think Tc will bring pack 9 back but I’m hopeful we will see pack 10.

Nah i got to get baird

A new pack comes every two months and after a big esport event and always on a Wednesday fight night. boxes ticked.

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There is no doubt that TC will at some point release very pack again :+1:

I myself really want Pack 7 too.

Looking forward to the Weapon Skins just as much as the Characters :raised_hands:

I need v day medic. Only one I’m missing!

Had like 8 V Day Medics :joy:

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Around what time cause I got work


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