Black sheeps you like

Do you like or actually prefer any games in a series that tried something different and was generally rejected by the fans?


Dead rising 4

Resident evil 6

Marvel vs capcom infinite

Bioshock infinite

Saints row gat out of hell

Mortal kombat vs dc universe

The amazing spider man 2

Gears of war judgment

Resident Evil 6 is an absolutely atrocious Resident Evil game but it is a pretty fun mindless action co-op game.


Yeah haha. Also the mercenaries mode is much funner than the one in village. And I don’t think the upcoming extra characters will change the mode that much

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Quest.

After 7 mainline games the studio decided to have a new main character and change the fighting system from beat em up to turn based.

The game was critically well received but some hardcore fans hate the change.

FEAR 3. The worst in the series horror wise, but probably one of the most fun co-op shooters I’ve ever played.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

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Final Fantasy Tactics was fun.

Thats the one bad thing about Village, to me. The whole game was really good but the Mercs wasnt even Mercs. It was Raid Mode from Rev 2 but just called Mercs for some reason.

Winters’ Expansion is adding real Mercs though and you can play as Chris, Heisenberg and Lady Dimetrescu. Cant wait for that expansion.

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I never understood why people instantly loved lady dimetrescu so much and wouldn’t it make more sense to play as one of her daughters who can teleport instead of slowly walking waiting for them to run up to you

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I think lockdown may have had something to do with it :smirk:

I can think of 2 big reasons… but I was always more of a Heisenberg kinda guy. It wouldve been awesome to team up with him at the end to kill Miranda instead of having to kill him.

I wish Chris would have just told him in the beginning

i dont think Ethan is actually dead. (Has nothing to do with the end cutscene with Rose) i think in Shadows of Rose theyll explain how Ethan isnt actually dead and Rose actually gets to keep her powers.

GoWJ is my third favorite GoW.

Resident Evil 6 though — I never actually played the full game but I played like 150-200 hours of the demo. Best demo in the history of gaming, co-op as well like? Best demo.

Arkham Origins deserves far less hate than it deserves if I’m being completely honest.

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Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.
Every time someone speaks about it, it’s always in a negative way for some reason. It was a really fun game to play and the vehicle-building mechanic I thoroughly enjoyed.

GOW Judgement.
Enjoyed the campaign and multiplayer(offline). If it weren’t so arcadey it would’ve been an even better Gears game.

Silent Hill 4 is an amazing game and ill die on that hill (heh) with my final breath.